How to Learn to Draw Easily for Beginners Using Google AutoDraw - Step by Step

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As such, this drawing platform it is very easy to use and it has the basic utilities for any beginner to appreciate.

If you still have the Windows Paint program, don't hesitate to look for its latest update to keep making the most of it

How can I access the AutoDraw page?

It goes without saying that, before the internet user can learn to draw using AutoDraw, the first thing is enter to the website of the site.

People can log into AutoDraw directly from this link or just do a Google search by typing in the name.

This will give the user as the main result the address of the drawing tool which can be entered by clicking on the link.

This way, when the AutoDraw page has loaded, the user has to click on the green button that says " Start drawing "To proceed.

Use the tool that the platform offers

The artist will enjoy a range of basic but highly functional tools and with them amazing results can be achieved.

First of all, the internet user has at his disposal a tool called " Market »With which you can create text boxes.

Likewise, the user has a tool to fill in forms or drawings that he has made on the white sheet of the platform.

On the other hand, it also has a button to generate forms geometric, circular, square and rectangular, as well as a brush for free drawing.

The person can enlarge the sheet, delete a placed element, and undo any recently created shapes or designs.

Of course, you can't miss the color palette. It guarantees several basic tones such as black, white, blue, red, green, yellow and many more.

Another possibility available to the user is the selection of objects as a whole, by clicking on them or by fading them with the mouse pointer, obtaining a complete collection.

However, the most important tool for learning to draw using AutoDraw is the button of the same name located at the top, represented by a pencil with sparkles.

Learn to draw using AutoDraw with the native "AutoDraw" option

This particular tool is the essence of the whole platform, it is the difference from the rest and sets it as a benchmark for beginners.

Is there a why? It's simple, the AutoDraw button, when activated, allows when the user draws a freehand drawing, at the top a series of suggestions appear.

In this sense, they are related to the drawing that the person has made inside the sheet of the platform and which in one way or another will complement or improve the drawing.

That said, the way a user can learn to draw using AutoDraw is to use the main brush or tool and create any drawing.


This will cause several drawings to appear at the top after the sentence " You mean «.

Then, by selecting one, the product the person created will improve over the previous form based on the choice they made.

The drawing the user made may not be very clear, but even so, the platform shows several options as a hint so that the subject has a wider range of choice.

This way, any beginner can create quality products or learn how to draw using AutoDraw quickly and easily.

Also, people using the page can download the results of your work by accessing the menu at the top left and clicking on » Download «.

If you are a creative person and want to try new things, try downloading other programs that perform the same function as Paint and AutoDraw, such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Photoshop.

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