How to listen and play music via bluetooth with my iPhone

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Although it is part of our life, many do not know how Bluetooth works, if you have one, we will show you how to listen and play music via bluetooth with your iphone. This will help you get the most out of this brilliant technology. But how did it happen?

Well, it all started in 1994, it was developed by Haartsen and Sven in Sweden for Ericson's company, looking for a way to replace cable communication between different devices.

On the other hand, in 2007 the Apple company created a mobile phone model, called iPhone, causing a great impact on society thanks to its advanced technology; It is compatible with Bluetooth devices for listening to music, through speakers and headphones.

What is Bluetooth and what functions does this technology have?

So Bluetooth is a wireless technology that facilitates communication between different devices, without using cables; the idea is that both the user's voice and music, photos, contacts, among others, can be transmitted.

Such communication takes place via radio waves that operate in the non-commercial 2,4 Ghz ISM band ; To perform this transfer, devices must be within walking distance, although it may vary by device.

They are classified in Class 3 with a range of one meter, Class 2 between five and ten meters, which are the most common, and Class 1 with a range of up to one hundred meters; However, the use of Bluetooth in general has been linked to cell phones, but is currently being used by other devices.

As tablets, keyboards, laptops, printers, mice, TV, not to mention that you can connect TWS Bluetooth headphones to enjoy your music; the idea is to transmit different types of data or files from one device to another as well as wireless connectivity through its protocol.

What should we know about the iPhone?

It is a smartphone or a smartphone, which has certain functions and features such as: touch screen, camera capable of recording videos with excellent definition, can also play both movies and music; of course you also have an Internet connection via WiFi.

Use the Apple iOS operating system ; which includes a messaging platform called iMessage, which you can use and activate on all your iPhone phones; which also has a particular icon that turns blue when it recognizes other iPhones, and differentiates them from others, as if they were part of a club, where they can share photos, videos or chat via Wifi.

Also, who doesn't know how to use FaceTime? This application allows you to communicate via video call, encrypting and protecting all session, contact or favorite information you have saved on your iPhone; its operation is very intuitive and many of its functions are automatic. Here we explain what you need to do to listen to music via bluetooth with your iphone.

How to listen and play music via Bluetooth with my iPhone?

  • The first time you connect your iPhone to Bluetooth, you need to perform an association or configuration.
  • To do this, click on "Pairing" and hold it down until the light flashes and then you release it.
  • Next, go to your iPhone device and click on “Settings”.
  • Then the “General” option appears, which you are going to press, then click on "Bluetooth" and then on "On" ;
  • The iPhone will ask you to enter the code to connect to Bluetooth, which will be "0000"
  • Then, you have to wait for it to confirm that the connection was successful, and once done, click "Home."
  • Then on the “iPod” icon so you can select the music you want to listen to;
  • Finally, these will be played immediately on Bluetooth.

Therefore we can conclude that both Bluetooth and iPhone cellphone have been very useful for users. This wireless device has solved the discomfort of using cables that restrict mobility. Enhance your experience when using iPhone and enjoy its simple and unique style.

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