How to log in or log in as administrator in Windows? - Complete guide

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When we log in as administrator we can enjoy special permissions during the installation of a particular application or program. We can make changes and modifications without limitation. Something that a simple user couldn't do when accessing our personal computer.

That is why we will dedicate in this tutorial to show you how to log in or log in as administrator in windows. You are already used to receiving our articles that help you solve problems. For example, the tutorial I taught you to delete temporary files from the Windows 10 downloads folder.

How to log in or log in as an administrator in Windows

To start and you can login or log in as administrator in Windows, in different ways depending on the Windows operating system you have. Either 7, 8 or 10 and then we'll explain what you should do in each of them. For Windows 7 you can enter Safe Mode or Safe Mode.

This also helps you log in as an administrator, but first we'll explain what you need to do to be able to unlock it from the command console. The first thing you should do is go to the Start button and click there, then in Search you have to type the following command “cmd”.

You will see several results including Command Prompt, on it you will right click on it and in the options that will appear you will choose the option Run as administrator. Now you will be presented with a text interface and type the following command net user administrator / active: yes then you have to press the Enter key.

Now you just have to restart your computer and when the Windows 7 welcome screen appears. Among the available profiles you will see that of Administrator. Click on it, so that you start as an administrator and have all the special permissions and powers of the account.

How to log in or log in as administrator in Windows 8

As you did in Windows 7, here you have to activate the account as an administrator, since by default it is deactivated. This is done for safety measures, to prevent an inattentive user from damaging the integrity of the equipment. Then we will show you how to activate it and what you need to do to be able to access it.

First go to the start button and click on it, you can also do it via the Windows key. Now select the Run option and here you need to type the following command lusrmgr.msc now press the Enter key on your keyboard. Next you will be shown a window and in it select the Users option.

On the right side you will find some options and select Administrator, now you need to click on Properties. Here you will find an option The account is disabled, you have to uncheck the box to be able to activate it. Now the next step is to restart your computer, when you log in new to windows you will see the admin account is displayed, click on it to log in.

How to log in or log in as administrator in Windows 10

As in the previous case, we need to activate the admin profile, as this is also hidden by default. To activate it, we will go to the Start button and click and in the search bar you will have to type the following command "Cmd". In command prompt or you use PowerShell, you position yourself on it and press the right mouse button. And now select Run as administrator and then click Yes to be able to enter.


Now type net user Administrator / actve: yes, this will activate the profile, now exit that window and press Windows + R keys, now type netplwiz and then OK. Select Administrator and then Reset password. If this option cannot be selected, users must enter their name, then enter the password and restart the computer.

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