How to make a backup or backup in Ubuntu

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Fortunately, there is too easy a way to backup in Ubuntu. The best thing is to be able to configure them to run automatically from time to time so you don't have to think about it.

We will see step by step how to make a backup in ubuntu to have it stored on a USB device or sync it to the cloud. Whatever happens to your hard drive, all your information remains safe.

How to backup in Ubuntu

The first thing you should know is the version of your Ubuntu system; Since there is an application installed in Ubuntu called " Let dup "To run the app you need to click on the icon at the top of the Unity launcher and type" Deja ”In the search bar. You will be able to see a safe icon, you need to click on it.

An application with a fairly simple interface will open, but it is more than enough for everything we need to do. In the left menu we have several sections. For now what interests us is " View "Or" General view ".

In this tab we will see two options. One of them is to create backups in Ubuntu and another to restore backups. If you look under each of these options we have the button " Install "Or" Install ".

Then we open a terminal window with the Ctrl, Alt and T keys at the same time. Next we will enter the command "sudo apt-get install duplicity" and then "sudo apt-get install - reinstall python-gi". Now we close said app and proceed to open it again.

Let's now move on to the second section that we have available from the left menu " Folders to know "Or" Folders to save ". By default, the Home folder is displayed, which means that all files found within Home will be backed up.

Most of the important documents and configuration files for applications are located in Home. However, if you have any files saved in another location, just click the " + ”That you find below and you will be able to add the folders you want.

Create backups in Ubuntu

If you go to the section " Folders to ignore "Or" Folders to ignore “, You can add as many folders as you want the application to ignore in order not to make backup copies. By default, this includes the Trash and Downloads folders. In case you don't want to ignore any of them, just click on the " - ”And will be deleted.

In ” Storage location "Or" Storage location ”You can choose where you want the backups to be stored. Note that if you decide to save all backup copies on the same drive. In case something happens to the hard drive you can lose all information.

Ideally, you should save all your backups on an external device such as a USB. You can also upload backups to Dropbox or Google Drive. This way you can safely store your backups no matter what happens to your computer.

In the last section " Planning "Or" Planning ”You can choose how often the backup copies are made. That way you don't have to be aware of running them manually.

You have to choose in " Automatic backup ”Option“ ON ”and in the second section the most recommended would be“ Week ”or“ Weekly ”. In the last option we put "Forever" or "Forever" so backup copies will be made every week until you decide to change these settings.

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