How to make an Instagram giveaway that has greater reach, participation and how to choose the winner

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Instagram giveaways are a widely used marketing tool today. In this article we will explain how achieve greater reach and participation with them.

How to make an Instagram giveaway that has greater reach and participation

Get the maximum reach in a giveaway on Instagram is what everyone wants. Well, at the end of the day, this is the lottery idea, although it may seem like something complicated, the truth is that it depends on several factors. Next we'll tell you what you should consider to get more reach and participation in an Instagram giveaway:

Define our audience

This is not something we can choose, as it is related to content offered by our Instagram page. By defining our audience, we can set the criteria to manage the following aspects to create the giveaway.

For example, if the focus of our content is Fitness, this covers both genders and all ages. Therefore, we can target our competition to a specific group or understand the entire audience.

Adapt to the demand of our audience

Whatever we are going to draw does not depend on ourselves, it depends on the needs of our audience. This is how we need to take into consideration the content that has generated the most impact on our audience and from there choose the prize for the Instagram draw.

Remember that the more expensive the contest prize, the more participation you will have. However, as long as the prize remains at an average cost, you won't get a massive stake. However, promote greater trust among your audience, which generates a long-term profit.

Define the dynamics of the Instagram giveaway

In most cases, participate in an Instagram giveaway consists of making comments, liking specific posts, and following certain pages. However, the simpler the way to participate, the more people will do it.

On the other hand, the more publicity the attendees give you, the greater the reach of the giveaway and therefore of your Instagram page. So which point will depend on your interests. Of course, don't overdo the requirements to enter the contest, because you will look like a bureaucratic office and nobody wants to waste so much time on it.

In the same way, determines a duration time of the not so short draw. This allows you to increase your reach as more people participate. It can't even be that long, because you'll lose the public's trust.

Content is everything

That's right, we told you this before and we will keep repeating it. If you want to create an Instagram giveaway that has greater reach and participation, you need to promote quality content. Which provides a sense of belonging among the audience.

You should also take advantage of the holidays close for your content. For example, if we are ready for Christmas, it inspires the feeling of being with the family. If it's Valentine's Day, let love invade your post. All of this will further increase the scope of your giveaway.

Image or video? This dilemma can consume us when planning the contest, the truth is you have to edit images like a pro. An image gives you a much faster view of your contest. Therefore will have more reach than a video.

However, it's best to upload a video to your Instagram Stories. Well, from here get a better view.

You should also advertise it

You can announce your giveaway a few days in advance by making a live broadcast on Instagram. In this way, i your followers will be notified immediately. You can also pay for an Instagram ad for your giveaway post. This you should do during the first few days.

How to choose the winner of an Instagram giveaway?

What you always look for when choosing the winner is generate the utmost trust with our audience. Well, Instagram offers us the tools to do this through a live broadcast.

On the other hand, to choose the winner in most cases applications are used for this purpose. This happens in those contests in which people can participate more than once. But if the participants have only one participation and they are few, you can choose the winner manually through some random activity. Everything will depend on you.

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