How to make and end a video call on Instagram

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This new tool was already expected by all users who use this platform. Because it was one of the promises made at the beginning of the year and for everyone's approval is a fact. But it wasn't intended that you could do this in a group setting, where you can include up to three people in your own conference.

The social network Instagram, it seems that it has arrived between the eyebrows to be the best application and is activating new functions and options. This is to penetrate the preferences of its users and gain more followers. That is why we ask you to continue reading this tutorial which will show you the simple steps you need to perform, but if you are unable to make the video call, enter the following Link.

How to make and end a video call on Instagram

As we have already told you, the following tutorial will teach you how to make and post a video call on Instagram. This way you can talk to your contacts using this application and you can include up to three different people in your conversation. Follow us so you know how you can do it.

The first thing you should do is go to the Instagram application from your mobile and from there go to your account. It is important to clarify that this feature is not active for all Instagram accounts. For this we ask you to verify that this function is active so that you can make the video call.

Once this is done and verified that if you can do this, you will go to bottom left and you will select the house icon. Click on the icon and it will take you to the main screen. Then you will go to the top right and Awards on the arrow to take you to Chad.

Here in this screen you will find the person or contact you want to make the video call. When you find it, tap on it, then a camera icon will appear in the top right and tap on that icon. When you do that, the call will start going to the contact you have choice.

Receiving video calls from Instagram

The person you are calling will see a mark on theirs cellular and he will have to select it so that he can receive the call. When the interlocutor has done this, the video call will start and both people will be able to see each other and talk as much as they want, remember that the stability of the image and the conversation will depend on the signal in the area. Remember this can be done from PCs and mobile devices.

It is also important that you know that you must have the latest version of Instagram installed in order to use this service. And you get all the benefits it offers, so to end the conversation or end the video call. You just have to press on the icon that has the shape of a telephone receiver and the connection will be disconnected.

You should also know that when you are in video chat you can choose different options, how to change the camera. You can also mute the microphone or activate Picture in Picture mode. As you can see, it is very easy to use and it will take a long time to be able to use the application so efficient.

And in this way we have shown you another of the wonderful tools that Instagram has included in its platform. This is to offer its users the best service when it comes to communicating with their contacts, and it is so easy for you to learn  how to make and end a video call on Instagram.

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