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Today there are many people who live thanks to the internet. In itself, there are too many people who live in luxury thanks to what they generate on the web. Would you like to live off what you like? ¿ Have your own blog and generate thousands of dollars a month?

We will not lie to you, it is by no means a simple task and it takes too much time on all things. However, it is absolutely worth it. And then we'll see how to make money with a blog and whether it is possible to earn a living.

How and how much to earn with a blog

The first thing you should consider when you want create a blog to earn money is: the theme and the time spent on it. It obviously doesn't make sense to spend too much time on a topic that isn't profitable in any way.

Some topics such as those related to health can generate more revenue with far fewer visits compared to a video game website. So the theme is fundamental and the work invested in the blog (if done correctly) can give short-term benefits.

The truth is that more visits has a blog, the more money it should generate. The basic idea is that and inside everything is not even that wrong. However, some blogs can generate quite large numbers with just a few visits. This all depends on the theme and whether it is a small but well-paid niche (in terms of advertising).

The beginning is one of the most beautiful stages of a blogger, but also one of the most difficult. You have to keep that in mind in the beginning it's too hard to make money. However, one starts out excited and with many illusions. If you really like this world, then you will move on.

Chances are, if you do things right, with a few blogs on the right topics and a lot of work behind them. In a year (sometimes much less) you can earn, even if it is between 500 and 3000 dollars.

How to win money with a blog

Advertising: it's the easiest and fastest way to make money with a blog. You can use Adsense which is the most popular of all. Even CPA and if your blog is quite well known direct or private advertising.

Affiliate Marketing: Basically what you do is recommend third party products. It is quite easy to do this and the best thing is that you can have this type of advertising along with Adsense.

Amazon Affiliates: it is about recommending products from a specific niche (ideal for web micro-niches) in a nutshell we recommend products so that our visits are sent to Amazon and buy them, leaving us a good commission.

ClickBank: in short it is an affiliate network where advertisers show their products and bloggers can select the ones they want to show on their sites.

Advertising and links - Many bloggers (especially small ones) start by selling small links and banners on their sites, which doesn't leave a huge profit margin but is a great way to start when you barely have visitors.

How to get more hits on my blog

We have already talked about on the blog of how to get more visits to our blog. How to get a better position in Google and appear on the front page. It is not something exactly simple, but it is not something impossible either.

As soon as we start, there will be few or no visits. But you don't have to despair because by simply submitting your website to Google with the tools it offers us we can start appearing in it and have the occasional visit. Consider putting a hit counter on your blog to find out what its progress has been on the web.

However, it is important to know SEO if you want to have a good number of visits to your blog to earn money. We recommend that you read everything you can about SEO today.

Remember that many techniques from years or even months ago have been penalized. That is why we also recommend that you use Google Trends to improve your web ranking and so you will have a clear idea of ​​the strategy you want to use on your blog.

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