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Windows 10 is an operating system that offers many improvements, compared to its old versions, which has generated acceptance among users of this software. Even so, in different scenarios it tends to take some time to shut down. You discover how to make Windows 10 shutdown faster and as simple as setting the privacy of the Windows operating system.

There are numerous factors why the Windows 10 operating system shuts down slowly. While the power of the computer is decisive with respect to the programs running and how much work is printed on the machine, some can be done settings to speed up its shutdown process.

Methods to speed up Windows 10 shutdown

There are several methods to greatly improve the Windows 10 shutdown speed. In addition to applying these methods, it is advisable to close everything before turning off the computer. This will eliminate the work of closing processes of open programs one by one from Windows 10.

It doesn't matter how many versions of Windows 10 there are and which one is best, in the end the result will be the same with each one, only changing a few things.

Automatic updates

It is common that when you try to shut down your computer the corresponding option appears “Turn off and update”. Generating the computer to perform update tasks before turning off the equipment.

At the moment this cannot be stopped and actions like turning off the computer on the physical button will only make the situation worse. Causing the PC to have an error in the operating system or take even longer to try to boot.

To solve this problem, the automatic updates must be removed . Previously this was in the settings panel, however, now other steps need to be followed.


To start you need to press the " Windows "Plus the key" R ". This will open a window called run. In this window there is a bar in which it is necessary to insert " services.msc "Without using quotation marks and then press" Submit "

A window will open in which a list of many items with a gear icon will appear. Almost at the end of that list you will find the item " Updating Windows ”which must be clicked twice, which will show its properties.

In the properties window, look for the option " startup type "And change its status to" disabled ". Then click Apply and close any windows that were open. Performing these steps will not apply Windows Automatic Updates while attempting to shut down. Which works to make Windows 10 shut down faster

Programs running

Remember that this has nothing to do with enabling or disabling hibernation and sleep mode in Windows 10, as it's just a matter of speeding up the shutdown.

When you try to shut down your computer and your applications and programs have not been closed, a warning window appears. In which the programs that prevent the PC from turning off appear and a Windows message that says " closing applications ".

One way to prevent Windows 10 from shutting down faster is to configure the operating system. Doing so does not show this warning and shut down your computer as soon as you are prompted to do so. To do this, follow these steps:

  • To start, the first thing to do is to press the " Windows "Plus the key" R ". A window will appear that is used to execute the commands.


  • Now you need to proceed inserting the command " REGEDIT ”Without the quotes in the window bar. A window called " Editor del Registro di sistema "
  • A series of icon titles will appear in the Registry Editor in the form of folders. Among these will open the so-called " HKEY_USERS ". Then the folder named “. default "And will proceed with the opening. Then the item will be placed inside this folder " Control Panel " and subsequently "Desktop"
  • By clicking on the folder “Desktop”, a series of items will be displayed on the left. Clicking with the right button on the empty part will proceed to the selection of the option " new value ". It will be called " AutoEndTasks string ”And will be set to 1.

Once this is done, Windows 10 will automatically close these programs to shut down your computer if it helps. There are other methods to shut down Windows 10 faster, however these are the best.

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