How to meditate on your mobile: the best apps (2021)

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If you are one of those who always pretend to have a healthier life but never do, it may be time to take meditation seriously.

With meditation we will not only have a much healthier mood, but thanks to it other aspects of life will become much healthier.

And since we love technology, we leave you some totally free applications in so that you can meditate with your smartphone as if you were a real professional.

The best free meditation apps

With all these free mobile apps, you will learn to meditate and lead a much healthier life

In the Google Play Store there are many applications for meditating, many of which are free, by the way. It is true that these apps have their own paid premium plans that add a lot of features, but unless you want to immerse yourself in the world of meditation, with the free versions you will need it, we assure you.

L’app Mindfulness

Take a few minutes a day to meditate on yourself life changes, or so those who practice this discipline regularly say. Meditation has many benefits and one of them is relaxing. What do you get by relaxing? Be more productive day by day.

This app allows you the same whether you are a beginner or someone more experienced. In its free version it includes a multitude of functions although there is also a premium membership in case we want to delve into this topic.

Headspace: meditation and sleep

Headspace is one of the best free meditation apps for mobile devices

With just a few minutes a day we dedicate to training with the Headspace meditation app, we will see how our life changes completely. Thanks to this app, we will find advice on mental health, personal development and the control of stress and anxiety.

Headspace is therefore a kind of personal guide to health and well-being that will help us focus and feel much better thanks to a series of exercises aimed at both beginners and professionals.


Intimind is a meditation app completely in Spanish and made by experienced psychologists. Only using it for about 10 minutes a day we will notice changes in our body and in our mind, again according to its developers.

With four different programs, Health and Stress, Work Better, Personal Relationships and Emotional Balance, Intimind offers a lot of content in its free version. In case you like it, you can always subscribe to the premium version.

Calm: meditation and sleep

Calm is called the world's number one application for meditation and sleep, with millions of users already enjoying less stress, anxiety and, most importantly, a much more restful sleep.

Like all the apps on this list, has a totally free version ideal for beginners and if we want to do more advanced exercises, we can subscribe to its PRO version.


ElefanteZen offers you a multitude of completely free content

ElefanteZen is an app that offers a multitude of meditation guides completely in Spanish and completely free.

Relaxation guides to reduce stress, sounds of nature, music for sleep and even meditation courses. An indispensable app for all those who want to enter the exciting world of meditation. Did we mention it's totally free?


happyify will help you get rid of all negative thoughts and have a life with much less stress

Happify is an app designed for all those people who are stressed, anxious, depressed or with negative thoughts. Through exercises and techniques developed by eminent scientists, we will learn to reduce stress, overcome negativity and therefore develop a greater capacity for resilience.

As we said, Happify has both a free version with a multitude of exercises than a PRO version for more advanced users.

Anti stress

Antiestress is a game that, as the name suggests, serves to reduce stress levels. Whether to relax or to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, this app offers up to 50 different "games".

A perfect game while we wait for the bus, in the doctor's room or when we take a rest from work and all this in a way Free subscription.

Brain trainer

Once again we offer you another free mobile game that it will help improve our concentration through fun exercises.

This app game is a perfect tool for exercising our brain and short-term memory, as well as concentration, concentration, speed and accuracy. In this way, in addition to having fun, we will train our brain, avoiding stress and achieving enviable mental health.

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