How to mirror a video with Camtasia Studio

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But it really is very simple and requires no additional editing knowledge or this tool video customization and images.

Another video editing tool that Camtasia Studio offers you is to be able to speed up the speed of your video or adjust the volume of the video by raising, lowering or removing it.

How to get the mirror effect?

To begin with, it is good to clarify what the mirror effect. And is that, for some users, the mirror must be able to flip an image so that the components that are on the right are now seen on the left side.

While, the same name is also attributed to a couple of elements, which, being placed one in front of the other, generate the sensation that there is a mirror in the center.

In this sense, both presentations they can be realized through the Camtasia Studio in a simple way following the following step by step for each situation.

Mirror effect in Camtasia Studio with one element

To rotate the image or video so that it looks upside down, you will need to start by running the editing program

Within this, you will find the " Import media ”And is selected to be able to access system files, where the video you want to work on is marked.

Once you open it, click on the same element and drag it to the timeline, which will also make it appear on the artboard, or in the central edit box.


The next thing is, with the image selected, place the i crop points. These are small dots located on the corners and sides that allow for easy adjustment.

Now, holding the key " Shift “, Click on the right clipping point and drag it to the left side of the work area, positioning it according to the user's needs.

Next, the same is done with the left stitch. But this time bringing it to the right side of the screen and always pressing " Shift ".

In this way it will be possible to provide a video or image with the mirror effect in Camtasia Studio, after having successfully flipped the element.

The effect with two elements

If, on the other hand, you want to apply the mirror effect to exactly simulate a mirror, you will have to work a little more on the files.

As in the previous case, the program will run and we will proceed to click " Import media ”To include the file.

Then it scans to the first timeline. After that, the file is dragged again, but this time to the second position in the same panel.

Consequently, the video will be presented twice. These need to be positioned in such a way that they have the same duration, as well as resize them to the same size.

Once these previous adjustments have been completed, we proceed to the realization of the mirror effect in Camtasia Studio, for which we will move the videos on the work table.

The latter will be done in such a way that they are next to each other. Now, you just have to choose the element you want " reverse ”To get the effect.

Usually the thumbnail on the left side of the product is used. So, using the key " Shift “, The clipping points are moved as in the previous case.

The left point must be right where the right was (just touching the other image) and vice versa.

And voila, when you play the video you can see a mirror effect, where two identical elements simulate being in front of a mirror.

One recommendation to take into consideration is to remove the audio from the video on the left. Or that " fore ”So that it only keeps the element to the other.

Now, to finish, you just have to export the final product using the " Share “, Located in the upper right corner, and following the instructions.

Another very useful tool this video editor offers you is being able to remove a green background from your video or be able to work with the highlights in your video by dimming or brightening it as needed.

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