How to monetize and earn with your videos on Facebook

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This page and mobile application have great projections for those who want to give their networks a different spin and get extra benefits from the views and plays they get, which will make you gain more followers.

Based on this, Facebook allows content creators the ability to monetize their videos uploaded to its platform and, in turn, generate some profit from them. To opt for this monetization you have to take the following into consideration profilo social that you have to follow.

What does it take to monetize videos?

  1. You must have a significant number of followers. Although this rule is a bit flexible, the recommended one is to have more than 10k followers, so that the Facebook algorithm is able to include you within the monetization of the System.
  2. However, this algorithm has gotten pretty rigorous, so currently it is better to have from 100k, in order to get a good amount of profit.
  3. It is not just about having followers, the important thing is that they are real and in turn segmented, in order to have segmented statistics congruent with the activity and the activity that is done on the page. As far as segmentation is concerned, we refer to: country, hobbies, tastes, etc.
  4. Continuous activity is important for every Facebook page, as it is in the variety that you find the gains and attraction of the most followers. If your business is very low, monetization will be impossible.
  5. Do you know what the reach of your page and your followers is? What is needed for proper monetization is that the reach is 10k in users, take this into account when you want to work with this.

Monetize your page step by step

1) Mention or tag other Facebook accounts with which you have a previous alliance:

This is important if what you are looking for is to have a good interaction and organize followers within yours page. You can do this naturally, by citing them as a product of your recurring use or as a reference within a conversation in a publication.

In general, in these affairs it is usually negotiated how or when the brand or page in question was named and then the days or weeks for which it will be done is agreed upon.

This form of monetization tends to be primarily with deals that involve no money, just organic user interaction, with an account of + 10k follower

2) Affiliate products that can be advertised:

This, in general, is one of the most common strategies within the monetization and marketing of Facebook pages. Users generally try to affiliate with different programs where companies provide us with their catalog of products or publications and we proceed to recommend within our page.

What happens is that with every sale, we will receive a commission. However, you should be careful, as in general Facebook limits the reach of those publications, which have several external links.

3) Post ads of famous brands and advertisements:

You can reach an agreement with an advertising brand based on the number of your followers, so that both of them reach an agreement commercial. To do this, you need to take into account these two ways:

You can try to contact a platform that takes care of the research and negotiation procedures. They will help us find a pre-established contract in which defines the number of publications, the profit and the expected reach. If you are looking for these companies, you can try:

  1. Publisuites
  2. Twync
  3. SocialPubli

Everything we have commented previously applies to those profiles as well Facebook personal . However, it is a highly recommended method, due to the lack of segmentation and statistics.

We hope you've learned how to monetize your Facebook videos easily and simply.

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