How to mute someone on Instagram Get notified?

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We are fully describing one of the favorite applications today and it's Instagram, what better application to be able to share your moments and experiences not only in a post that lasts forever on your profile, but also in a story that lasts 24 hours or to do something a little more fun with a Reel . This favoritism is due to the fact that it is available on all platforms, and also its features, so you can learn how to upload and post photos on Instagram from PC.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an application created to share publications of all kinds in image or video format mainly on your profile, which is the first thing a person sees if he searches for you on his Instagram, although he has the options to share a story where you can be more creative, you can insert his famous filters, effects, add some text, add a musical background, or draw on images or videos. This App is used by Social Media Managers, as you can learn how to program your publications for free.

The platform is very surprising since it also counts as a messaging system, in which you can chat with your followers or even with users you don't follow or don't follow you. This App is free to download for Windows / PC.

It also allows you to share your posts so that your followers can see, like, comment or share the post with other people if they wish. Some people are trying to be famous in this app, so they're always focused on knowing how to get more views in stories.

Among the latest updates, the application has new options and one of them is that allows you to silence a person. The idea of ​​the new feature is that it allows us to stop seeing another user's posts when it's disabled.

However, there is a question that worries many viewers and that is whether when someone is silenced, that person can realize it? or Does Instagram notify the user that I have mute? Don't worry, in this article we will tell you the truth about this new option and how to silence someone.

What happens if I silence someone on Instagram?

When we want to silence a person, the platform offers us three options, if we want to silence the stories, if we want to silence only the publications of his profile or if we want to silence both. Several users tend to silence only the stories since it is the one we visit most frequently, on the other hand the posts are not so followed.

There are many reasons for wanting to silence someone from your Instagram, it's something completely normal and that has happened to more than one person, either for personal reasons or that you just can't stop following.

Receive a notification?

When you have silenced a user's stories, notifications or messages on your Instagram, this person you will not receive any notification that this action has been taken. Only you will be able to see and know it, plus you can easily reverse this option. But Instagram allows you to keep it for as long as you see fit.

Steps to mute a person on Instagram

From a post: Open your Instagram application and find the user posts you want to deactivate. Then it will show us a pop-up window where several options will appear and in the last one it says 'silence'. Select mute and another window will appear with options to "disable post", "Disable posts and stories"  press what you want and that's it.

From Profile: You need to search for the profile of the person to whom you want to hide your feed, when you are in the profile click on 'next' and then on 'mute', then you will see two separate options and you can activate whatever you want: silent posts or stories.

There is nothing to worry about, the platform will not send any notification to the person, nor is there any way he'll find out you've silenced her. You should know that if you want to reactivate the muted account you can do so, plus if you want to see that person's photos go to their profile and voila, the option just won't show you their posts in your feed.

Silence only the stories

For a user's history not to appear in your Instagram feed, you must first access this person's profile; then press on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner, there you will get several options: mute posts, mute stories, mute both options and cancel.

When you are at this point, you need to select the alternative you consider; but if it is the stories, then you limit yourself and choose this option and voila, it will be activated immediately in your account.

Turn off private messages only

If you feel that a person is texting you inappropriate messages or you belong to a chat group that does not provide relevant information very frequently but you do not want to leave; then the solution is to silence these chats that interrupt or annoy you. To be able to do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Instagram and go to the direct or messages tab
  2. Find the chat or group you want to deactivate and open it
  3. Then you have to go where the user or group name comes out (right in the middle of the top)
  4. Here you will see the details and two options: "Disable messages" and "Disable video calls"
  5. Choose the appropriate one or both, press the button for each and voila, you will not receive messages from this person or group

Can I reactivate a silenced account?

To reactivate an account that we have silenced, the process is very similar to how it can be silenced. Here we will explain with some simple instructions what you need to do to reactivate an account.

  • Search your Instagram for the profile of the person you silenced
  • Click on the 3 vertical dots in the right corner
  • There open the option to mute the sound
  • The mute options will appear activated, so press the button and that's it
  • This will reactivate your account and your settings will be saved

Reactivate the stories

If you have already muted the stories of an account on your Instagram and you want to restore the operation again, you'll see that in your feed you can't open this person's stories, but it appears there, with a duller color tone than the original profile picture (this means it's disabled).

Therefore, you should hold down a little on the photo of this person to whom you have limited the viewing of their stories; derived from this, a drop-down menu will appear with the options 'view profile' and 'reactivate' ; Choose the latter and voila, you can review their stories.

How to know if I've been silenced on Instagram

There is no single method which is very effective when it comes to knowing if you have been silenced by another Instagram user. However, we will give you some tips that you can apply to rule out whether they have silenced you or not.

First you have to suspect that a person has silenced you when notifications, messages, labels of this person do not reach you, so you have to resort to certain ways to confirm the suspicion. To do this, go to this person's profile and see if you can see their stories and posts normally.

You can also try to text or make a video call from the chat, whether it takes time to respond or not, it is very likely that you have been silenced. Other than that, you can try to tag the person in a post or in your stories, if you see that they don't react or comment, the most likely thing is that you are silenced for this account.

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