How to open and check the aperture of my camera

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It means that this set of factors that come together for give the feeling of professional photography it can also be obtained through a high-end mobile.

Therefore, if you want to know this factor that makes up the image, and if there is the possibility to manage it manually via your mobile, continue reading this article.

What is the aperture of the diaphragm?

It consists of one of the most important basic concepts of photography, as it is through it that they come manage the depth of field and exposure of the image.

The cameras consist of an aspect called the lens, inside which is the diaphragm, which is nothing more than a series of "gates" that open or close to adjust the passage of light to the sensor.

To better describe it, we can functionally compare it to the iris of our eyes, which increases or reduces its size by adapt the vision to the ambient light.

When using a camera, of any type, you can take pictures manually or automatically, setting this parameter according to what you want to capture.

Other functions for opening the diaphragm

In addition to allowing light to pass through to be captured in the image, the aperture also sets the depth of field of the image. In other words, this factor also determines how the image will be in focus and what will look sharp or not.

This is directly related to the amount of depth you want to use, because if you apply a large value, more objects in focus will clearly appear in the image and vice versa.

Manage the aperture through a phone camera

Unfortunately, this it is not something that can be managed manually via a mobile phone. It doesn't matter how advanced the technology implanted in the camera is.

Regardless of whether you run a Samsung, iPhone or Huawei device. The opening parameter is something that is automatically included in the image.

However, through these cameras it is possible manipulate the degree of depth of the photograph. Well, when you press a certain point on the screen, the camera will try to focus it and give the rest of the image a blurry look.

How to control aperture from a camera?

Professional camera manufacturers such as Canon or Nikon can manually manage the aperture in order to establish the desired effect in the photograph. This is done through a value called "f-number". That depending on its variation it will determine the passage of light towards the image.

To better explain it we can establish the following: if the value of the "f number" is greater or "very open". The image lens will get less sharpness and therefore a more blurry effect in the general view.

If, on the other hand, it is determined that the value of the "number f" is "very closed" or less. Light diffraction will present problems and directly affect the sharpness or focus of the image.

Therefore, it is advisable to use an average value. So that the aspects of focus, depth and brightness can be comfortably manipulated.

This allows you to achieve the desired effect when capturing an image. Well, when combined with other aspects of photography, they give a more elaborate feel.

Finally, you just have to start practicing with your camera in different environments. To learn how to determine what the appropriate opening for each goal.

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