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You want to know how log in to iCloud from Android? Discover all the iCloud functions that you can manage and how to open the service on an Android mobile using a very simple trick.

iCloud it's a service similar to Google Drive which functions as a storage facility belonging to Apple's bitten apple. Since its launch in October 2011, he has been in charge of take care, protect and keep up to date all your photos, videos and files in the cloud.

Logically it is possible to access it where, when and from the place you prefer and how the Google hosting service, has free and paid plans. The only difference between iCloud e Google Drive is that the Apple service does not have a mobile app available for Android.

However, for a few months now Apple has been working covertly so that native iCloud support can work in conjunction with mobile browsers, both Android and iOS. By adapting its operation with 4 of the most popular sections (Photos, Notes, Reminders and Find iPhone).

And while it still has flaws, we hope that over time all the issues can be resolved, especially with the Notes app and photo upload.

If you are a Apple user and want to access your iCloud files from a computer or a iOS and Android device, follow each of the steps shown below.

Then you can access iCloud from Android

Next, you can see the steps to follow for enter al your iCloud account from an Android OS device. Furthermore, we will tell you the details of some of the available functions, since as we have said before, Apple managed to enable only four.

iCloud receives native support for Android mobile web browsers

  • Log in to Chrome browser from your Android mobile device.
  • Enter the address of the official iCloud page.
  • Enter your Apple ID. This is done to verify your identity.
  • Immediately and for security reasons, the system will send a 6-character verification code to your Apple device.
  • Enter the code on your Android phone and that's it. By following these steps you will be able log in to iCloud from Android.

Now, we have done some function tests and they have been quite large, however they sometimes have errors. If you want to know what they are, don't stop reading.

Active features of the new native iCloud support for Android browsers


This is one of the best features that Apple has been able to di to enable for Android devices. The whole thing iCloud photo library is archived inside, simplifies the browsing of albums and options such as deleting, addition, download, the copying links, sharing photos and even assigning "I like it". It does not support uploading photos "at the moment".

Photos are one of the best features Apple has available for Android, for both Android and iOS

Find iPhone

As the name indicates, the function is responsible for the localization in time and space of all Apple devices what do you have synced with your Apple ID and its entire ecosystem. It's possible view the equipment from a map, check the equipment battery or change the option to "Lost mode".

Find iPhone is one of the iCloud-enabled features for Android and iOS

Notes and reminders

You can create notes and see what you've synced so far. You can also add notes and reminders, change the settings of the reminder and edit them as many times as you want to see them later from yours iPhone, iPad or Mac.

However, the section for sharing notes is not enabled and it presents the strange error when it comes to wanting to delete the notes.

Synchronized iCloud notes and reminders available for Android and iOS

remind you that iCloud for Android is still in beta, so in the next few days we may be able to see some updates. If you liked this article, check out how to transfer photos from iCloud to Android with Google Photos.

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