How to order a DiDi from my PC or computer

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Simple methods to get DiDi on your computer 

Some people wonder why DiDi is so cheap and always enjoy a cheap, convenient and safe travel. The most logical option is DIDI, which is the largest mobility and speed company. Before requesting DiDi on your computer, you will need to install BlueStacks to run Android on your PC.

BlueStacks works like the same Android that we usually use on our mobile devices, only instead of manipulating the interface with our fingers, we do it with our computer mouse; This virtual mobile is controlled with the mouse and keyboard. This emulator is compatible to run on  computer Windows e Macintosh.

Once the emulator is installed, you can search for the APK on the internet and install it. Open the Bluestacks application already installed on your computer or laptop; then in the toolbar in the left corner you will find an option to add APK. Upload the APK file using the corresponding option in Bluestacks. 

Beside that, it will ask you where you have saved the downloaded APK. Find and open the file, it will automatically install the application on Bluestacks. You will find DiDi in the applications tab on the main screen of the Bluestacks window; in the same way as a mobile phone with an Android operating system.

Finally everything is ready to use DiDi on PC ; you will be able to verify that it is executed successfully; after installation you just have to click on the DiDi app.

How to order DiDi online from my computer?

Everything that technology has advanced is impressive, now you can enjoy the application even more and access it from a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. What you need to do is go straight to the official website of your country, it's like entering DiDi from your App; then you have to register as a passenger. 

You just have to look for the logo and the button it shows Register here! This will give you access to the registration section of each of the countries. In the right section, it will show you an icon, write your mobile phone number there; Next, you need to verify the code that will come to you. Remember to enter your personal data such as Name and Surname and it is so simple to enter DIDI.

How to install Nox App Player and order DiDi from PC?

Another way to request DIDI is to use Nox App Player, and , like BlueStacks, it is responsible for emulating an Android environment so that the user can use the Play Store without the need for a mobile device. It is very useful for those users who like to manage everything from their PC.

Now download the APK file; after installation you will need to open the NOX reader. In the right corner of the toolbox you will find the "Add APK" option. Select it and then choose the APK from the download location. Double click and Nox will automatically install the application. Now everything is ready to use the application and order DiDi Pasajero on PC thanks to the NOX player app.

What do you expect ? Here we show you the three best ways to install and request DIDI from your pc or computer to claim your trip. DIDI drivers are happy to take you where you need to go, whether it's at the airport, to a party or to meet your family.

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