How to organize my YouTube subscriptions with the Pocket Tube extension

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What makes YouTube the most used platform in the world is due to the wide variety of options it offers; we can find humorous videos, tutorials, cinema, television and many other categories.

If you are a regular YouTube user who is subscribed to many channels, you may have a hard time organizing the videos that are posted or perhaps you want to schedule the best educational channels for your kids on YouTube. Therefore, definitely you don't want to waste time organizing your videos. For this type of problem there is a solution and it is the Pocket Tube extension.

Why use the Pocket Tube extension?

Pocket Tube is an extension whose function is to organize subscriptions to YouTube channels at will. With this extension we can easily find all channels to which we are subscribed. Although this extension can also be used for other functions, such as saving Twitter tweets in drafts to be read later with Pocket.

And this extension is available in both Google Chrome che in Mozilla Firefox, but its functions can also be enjoyed on iPhone, iPad and Android. This extension has another benefit which is reflected in the pocket, as it is completely free.

Pocket Tube allows you to create a list of group collections on YouTube, add custom icons, view the latest YouTube videos from subscribed channels, automatically sync collections and many other functions; and is that expands the options which we find in the YouTube subscription section.

Il operation of Pocket Tube  it is quite simple. When we open it, we need to link it to the Google account, which is the same one used on YouTube. Once connected, you can start working with the channels you are subscribed to.

In addition, this extension offers many options to its different users, such as using and saving Pocket content in Google Chrome to be read without an Internet connection; for those who are keen on reading or want to read some important information later. We have enough reasons to use Pocket Tube and is that this extension is very simple. We recommend that you download the extension in your favorite browser.

How to organize YouTube subscriptions with Pocket Tube

In the desktop version, the extension can be installed in your favorite browser, which can be Chrome or Firefox. Once the installation is complete, the option in the left sidebar to create different groups appears in the new YouTube interface.

With the mouse on the left button we press where it says Subscription GROUP, in this way we enter the indicated menu. We observe that an icon appears in the menu that says Create new group. Press the icon again with the left mouse button and in this way we create a new folder, which will be a new group.

You can enter any name you want in this folder or group. This name can be associated with the type of video that will be contained in the folder or group. When inserts a group name, PocketTube will try to assign automatically an icon appropriate.

If you want to change the group icon, the extension allows you to replace it by choosing another one from the list or by uploading another personal design. The rest is a matter of creating groups and dragging the channels that appear from right to left and placing them in the correct group.

At the time of playback, Pocket Tube can merge all videos into a group, you can sort them by alphabet or by publication date. The Pocket Tube extension can also apply filters to limit the results. Another organizational advantage is that it hides videos that have already been played, this can be optional.

In conclusion, using the Pocket Tube extension you save time which you can use to watch multiple videos on YouTube; This will allow you to be updated with the new videos that are published every day on the channels you have subscribed to on YouTube.

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