How to pair my T500 smartwatch with iPhone - Synchronization without problems

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Currently, we have seen the market launch of several terminals, products and accessories, within which many of these have remained. Big name companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and others have probably managed to pioneer the device boom, but there are also other companies that they managed to be in the fray.

Taking this into account, we can talk about one of the most interesting terminals recently launched on the market from the Soulusic company, it is the Smartwatch T500. In recent years, a large number of smartwatches launched by big brands such as Xiaomi or Motorola have been presented, but these good examples have seen great proposals, such as the T500.

The T500 smartwatch it has all the specs and features that a high-end smartwatch can have at a much more affordable price for the consumer. This bears a great resemblance to the world-famous Apple Watch and this is clearly evident both in its overall interface and in its respective design and structure.

Subsequently we will tell you a lot more about this amazing smartwatch, we will also explain how to connect or connect the Smarwatch T500 with an iPhone without any problem and more on that. Without further ado, stay with us and find out all the data, information and details related to the Soulusic T500 Smartwatch.

How do I know if my Smartwatch is compatible with iPhone?

The start of the launch of smartwatches on the market was declared a great success, since this interesting and innovative accessory managed to fascinate millions of users in all over the world, not only for the fact that these are relatively low-cost terminals but for the qualities and advantages that we can take advantage of with a smartwatch at hand.

One of the most important features and specifications of these terminals is that the vast majority have a bluetooth system, so these are completely available for a large number of terminals. That is, they can be easily connected and this is the case with the T500 Smartwatch.

On the other hand it is important to keep in mind that our mobile device may have a very old software version and not have the specifications necessary to be able to connect with a Smartwatch via bluetooth. In this case, an iPhone with an outdated iOS operating system.

If that happens, we have a second option to know if our respective mobile can be connected to a smartwatch. To find out, we will have to enter the official web portal of the brand of the company that created the smartwatch and from there we will be able to correctly check among the specifications if said smartwatch is compatible with our iPhone.

It is understood that all versions of the iPhone 5 onwards are fully compatible with any smartwatch, therefore, if you own a mobile that complies with this, we will not have any kind of problem. It should also be kept in mind that it is important to have a work operating iOS 9.3 and up. 

Finally, we can clarify that there are indeed some mobile devices that have a iOS 8.2 operating system and they were able to connect their phone with a smartwatch, but this is not the case for all people, so it is still advisable to have iOS 9.3 onwards.

What are the requirements for connecting your Smartwatch with an iOS device?

Smartwatches are completely interesting devices, they have a large number of features and options which facilitate all kinds of tasks and activities throughout our day. Being such an indispensable terminal, it has very little or almost no specification when connected to a mobile device.

In the case of mobile devices with iOS operating system, the case is the same. The specifics to be able to connect or connect your respective mobile to any smartwatch are few, so it is more than likely that you will not present any kind of problem or inconvenience when you want to connect our terminal to a smartwatch.

However, we will tell you more about the requirements you need to consider when connecting or connecting an iPhone with a smartwatch. First of all, we will talk about the Wear OS app. It is an application designed for smartphones whose main goal is to perform the function of connecting or connecting a smart watch to a mobile device.

This app is fully available in both the Apple App Store and any other alternative or third party store. Keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary to have this or any other app that performs the same function in order to connect a mobile device without problems. However, there is another feature that we must take into consideration for the connection.

An iPhone is available and you want to connect your respective mobile with a smartwatch, you have to keep in mind that the vast majority of smartwatches are only compatible with terminals that have the operating system iOS 9.3 onwards. Although it is possible to connect with a mobile with iOS 8.2, the recommended version is still 9.3 onwards.

How to properly use the Wear OS app while pairing with your smartwatch?

As we said earlier, there they are few requirements that we must take into account in order to connect our iPhone with a smartwatch, but among these is Wear OS. As we discussed earlier, it is an app that will help us tremendously when we connect or connect our mobile with a smartwatch.

Next we will tell you about the steps you need to follow in order to pair a smartwatch with your mobile phone using Wear OS. So stay with us and find out all the details about this app and the connection between the terminals.

First of all, we must take into consideration whether both the mobile phone and the smartwatch are fully charged, in this way we avoid any type of error during the respective pairing. We must also take into account that the bluetooth of our phone should be previously activated once the process has started.

Another important information is that we need to know if our mobile device is compatible with the smartwatch. As we said before, in the case of the iPhone, it must be from the iPhone 5 version onwards and said device must have iOS 9.3 onwards. Once this is clear, we can continue with the explanation.

Our first step it will turn on our smartwatch, while on the other we will have to open the respective Wear OS app from our iPhone. Once inside the Wear Os main panel we will go to the configuration section.

From here on, both the watch and the mobile phone we will be presented with several instructions, which we will have to follow to the letter. Once all this is finished, on our mobile we will be able to appreciate the smartwatches that are near our position, now we will proceed to the selection of our smartwatch to continue with the procedure.

Once our smartwatch has been selected from the mobile, it will come presented a code on the smart watch and iPhone, if both codes are the same, we will simply accept and confirm the link. If that's not your case, you just need to restart your watch and repeat the process. Once all this is done, the smartwatch will be connected to our iPhone.

How to solve any problems while pairing my T500 Smartwatch to my iPhone?

There are several errors that can greatly affect the link or connection between the T500 smartwatch and our iPhone. On repeated occasions it is usually due to problems like low battery or a simple restart of the terminal. Here we will explain some of the most common.

Check the bluetooth connection

One of the most common problems in these cases is that for one reason or another we do not have the bluetooth function activated on our mobile device or on our smartwatch. Once we notice and activate it, we can go back with the respective linking process.

Forget the device and pair it again

Another very common reason is that a error while pairing with the device. This usually happens a lot more than usual, all we have to do is click Forget Device and then proceed to connect or plug it in as a new one. Once this is done we will no longer have any problems.

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