How to perform or create custom calculations in Excel pivot tables

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But these functions or formulas may not work, so anyone can choose to create their own custom calculations. In this sense, if Excel has no way of calculate the data you want to add to the table, you can supply them manually.

The processing system mathematics included in the program will do the rest of the work, identifying the elements and performing the necessary calculations. Take for example that you decide to place a formula of commissions for specific sales of each worker.

By adding this algorithm, Excel will proceed to the calculation and reflect automatically after entering the determined value (value of the product sold).

Create Excel pivot tables

The point may have been reached where it is now possible to insert or create functions for custom calculations in Excel pivot tables. But it is likely that the table where you will work does not yet have that name and you need to find one.

To do this, you need to make a structure common and current from the Excel table creation tool e fill it with relevant data. It should be noted that it is possible to write multiple lines in the same Excel cell.

In this way, with all the information captured, we completely select that table with the mouse pointer (shade it). So, let's go to the tab above called " Inserisci »And select the option located on the left side that says" Tabella pivot «.

It will show us a pop-up window with a series of settings, of which we just have to make sure that the one that says " Create a new spreadsheet »Is selected. It will take us to a section where, on the right hand side, the table data will be displayed in the form of a list and, further down, four categories.

In them it is necessary to drag the sections data depending on the user's considerations, these are: filters, values, rows and columns. Therefore, once assigned to each, the table it will be reflected in the spreadsheet, but this time with dynamic characteristics.

It is possible that the format of the currency should be assigned to values ​​that are of this nature, such as values ​​in euros, dollars, among others. This can be achieved from the same section where the table sections were dragged. This should be assigned to " Values «.

Create custom calculations

When they are created pivot table in Excel , a separate page is created in our spreadsheet, where it shows us the original structure in one and that dinamica in another. In this sense, the latter allows us to perform various operations or functions without having to manipulate the original table.

So, to create custom calculations, we go to the page where the table in question is located and select it. Then, we will go to the program sheet called " Analyze »And we will select the option» Fields, elements and sets «.

A menu will scroll down, and the first choice of the same will be clicked, which takes the name: " Calculated field ". A pop-up window will appear and we will customize the calculated field by filling in the section that says " Your name »With what is right for you.

Below, there will be another section where you can enter the formula in which you will need depending on the case or the calculation you want to perform. This window allows you to use sections of table values ​​to automatically add them to the formula without having to be assigned Manually.

Then click on » Accept »And a new column filled with i will be created calculations requested by the user by the formula entered.

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