How to permanently delete or delete all my photos from my Badoo account

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One way to easily chat and flirt on Badoo is to add or upload photos to your account profile, this will make other users see your profile much more complete and feel attracted.

Many Badoo users once they have found theirs soul mate or their better half in the application, they usually want to delete or delete all their photos from the platform because they already have what they wanted.

There are other cases where that soul mate or the other half still doesn't show up and it is possible to wish to renew completely the Profile account by deleting or deleting all the photos that were uploaded to add only new ones.

Regardless of why you find yourself wanting to delete or delete all of your photos from your Badoo profile, in the next post we will explain how to do it in a way easy and fast.

How can you delete or permanently delete all photos on a Badoo account?

In case you want to delete or delete all your photos from your account so that some users cannot view them, there is the option to upload or add private photos to Badoo.

However, if what you want is to delete all your photos from your account so that no user can view them, the steps to follow they are quite simple.

The first thing you need to do is log into your Badoo account with your username and password, once inside the platform you have to click on your profile photo which is located in the left corner at the top of the screen.

The first photo that will appear on the screen is your profile photo, to delete it you just have to click on the "Edit" button and then press "Delete profile photo". 

The next step is to enter the photos section where all the photos that have been added to the profile are found, to delete them simply enter them and press the option “Modifica photo” and then delete the photo.

How to delete or delete a photo album on Badoo?

Eventually deleting or deleting all the photos of a Badoo account individually is a rather long and cumbersome process if you have uploaded numerous photos, so the platform offers the possibility to completely delete an album.

To delete or completely delete a photo album in Badoo you will need to enter the photo section and then click on the album you want to delete.

Once inside the photo album, you need to go to the bottom of the screen where will the option "Permanently delete album".

Once you have selected the option to permanently delete the album, the application will ask you to confirm this process as it cannot be undone later.

How to delete a Badoo account forever?

In case you want to delete or delete all photos from your account, the social network also allows you to delete your Badoo account, which you can do from your PC or mobile device very easily.

The only thing you will need to do to delete your Badoo account is to go to the settings section and scroll through the options that appear until you see "Delete account".

After clicking on delete your account, the application will ask you to confirm the process by pressing "accept" and then entering your password. These two confirmation mechanisms have the function of preventing you from accidentally deleting your account on the platform.

Also, you will need to fill out a form explaining the reason so you are leaving the platform. Then Badoo will present you with a number of alternatives to permanently delete your account.

Once you have deleted your Badoo account, it is important to keep in mind that yes it is an action that cannot be undone, so if at any time you want to return, you will need to register again.

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