How to permanently delete the couple's Facebook account

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How can I delete the Facebook dating profile?

If you want to delete or hide the quotes on Facebook , you just have to follow two steps and they are very simple, the first step will be to hide the quotes section of our Fanpage. However, for this you need to do the following: First in the configuration. Second appointment and third appointment settings available as people will be able to choose the date and time of their appointment based on the calendar.

On the other hand, the second thing you should do is remove the book button on the fanpage after activating the appointment and what you are about to do is click on the pencil that appears on the book button. After that you have to select the edit button and choose another button like "Call to Action" and voila with this you will already be able to remove the Facebook citations.

On the other hand, you may want to deactivate your account because you didn't like how it works, you found a partner, or it just doesn't fit your lifestyle. The deletion of your couple's Facebook account it is extremely simple and fast.

You just have to tap on the main menu, then «Couples», click on small symbol of the settings menu located at the top right. Move down is the option "Delete profile", Than we "Remove".

Once you manage to delete your Couples Facebook account, you will no longer receive notifications or suggestions about past people or conversations. The messages you sent will remain in the chat of the person you sent them to, those cannot be deleted.

The good thing about Facebook Couples is that by not having a Facebook account your friends will see everything you like and that you have created an account on this dating network.

Step to delete Facebook Dating account from PC

What you need to keep in mind right now is that Facebook allows its users two options, which, one is to delete the account and the other temporary option is to deactivate your account, thus offering the possibility to activate it in any moment what do you want. 

However, deleting a Facebook account is an action that cannot be undone, if you decide to perform it, you must keep in mind that later you will not be able to do anything to recover it. The procedure for delete your Facebook account from your PC , is that the first thing you need to do is click on the arrow located in the upper right part to view the options. 

The next step is to go to the option of safety where it says login, this is on the left side of the web, once the page is loaded, different options appear at the bottom of the screen, but, you have to click on help, a new one will open the window and you should go to Manage your account and click on deactivation or account deletion and that's all you need to do.

How to remove couples link on Facebook?

It should be noted that removing the direct access of couples on facebook it's extremely quick and easy. You just have to tap on the main menu, then «pairs», click on the small symbol of the settings menu located at the top right, move down and there is the option «Delete profile» with these simple steps you are done the process.

More information on Facebook Couples

Before deactivating or deleting your Facebook Couples account, remember that this new feature of the social network has great functions. If you haven't given him the opportunity he deserves, here are some little things he has to offer.

Secret crush

It's an extra inside Facebook Dating where you can choose and create a list with your friends added in your profile. With this you are definitely adding more possibilities in the search for your soul mate.

Best of all, it's a private list where you have up to 9 chances to add people from your friends or contacts and neither they nor anyone else will know they're there. If those people on your secret crush list add you to their lists in the same way, a match will be created. That way they can start talking via Messenger and potentially start something.

If you're on Facebook Dating, have your own secret crush list and get added to one, you'll only get a notification that you've been added to one but not by whom. Also, to avoid the constant flow of information, Facebook allows you to delete and change one person per day. But you always have to keep that limit of people.

To add a secret crush, you just have to go to the main menu and then "Couples", select " Go to the secret crush " at the bottom of the screen. Click on "I accept" and « + « to go in search of your special people who will belong to the list.

Conversely, to remove someone from the list, always in "Couples" e “Go for a secret crush ”Select the person you want to remove and select the option “Remove crush”. If you have integrated your Instagram profile with your Facebook pairs, you can also select from your followers for the list.

Why you shouldn't delete Facebook pairs

Remember that Facebook Couples has a lot of great qualities that it has taken from other applications. They even have plan to include the stories like Instagram didaside from the secret crush, it's not totally match-based.

Besides the secret crush, Facebook Pareja is one of the safest dating apps, since Facebook has taken care of having a number of restrictions to take care of its users.

In this app you can write directly to the person of your interest and see how things are going little by little. The good thing about Facebook Couples is that, in based on your main profile, has a lot more information about you. Based on that, the suggestions it provides are more accurate and based on your preferences.

If you also have a Tinder account in addition to a Facebook account for couples, feel free to delete it even if you no longer need it.

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