How to ping a public IP and an extended or infinite ping - Quick and easy

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What is a public IP address?

IP (Internet Protocol) is a Internet protocol used to send and receive information through the network. The public IP is the identifier of the network abroad. Generally, this address is assigned by the Internet Service Provider to be recognized on the Internet.

Unlike the private IP address which is the one that identifies all the devices connected to the office or home network. The IP address can be static or dynamic, depending on your needs. By pinging an IP address we check if the device is available on the network or not.

How to ping a public IP address?

Open the command prompt app. The ping can be done using CMD, you just need to execute (Windows key + R) by typing the command cmd. In this case, the Windows operating system is used.

Run the ping command. Now type the ping command followed by the IP address you wish to verify. Command example:


Run the ping command with the domain name. It is possible to verify the connection to an IP address by pinging, substituting the IP address for the domain name. Command example:


If there are no problems with the network we will receive a reply indicating how many packets have been sent by executing il ping of the IP address and how many they have received reply.

To interpret the response obtained after running the ping command for a while. Each response line represents a sent packet and each packet is 32 bytes in size. The response obtained was in an average time of 79ms.

To prevent the request from being made in an unlimited manner, the TTL (Time To Live) is established. The TTL represents the number of hops a packet makes from host to host until it reaches its destination.

How to perform an infinite or extended ping?

The command Ping is simple enough, but it has multiple modes which can be used to perform specific diagnoses. To perform an extended ping, simply enter the Ping command, followed by the IP address or domain name along with the term -t at the end of the line. The command would look like this:

ping -t 

The command will run until the application window is closed. This version of the ping command is useful for observe in detail the behavior of a connection and the average response time. It is also used to identify if there are any events affecting the quality of the connection.

Ping command utility

The ping command allows us to detect possible errors in the network. When a connection trace is made using the ping command, the error may be also identified at the point of the network connection.

It is easy to determine if the error belongs to an internal device on the network, the router, the Internet service provider, or if the error is coming from an external server.

The only thing you need to know to apply the ping command is which host you want to connect with, that is, know which are the internal IP addresses of your network or which is the public IP address you want to connect to. In case you don't know the public IP address, there is always the option of ping the domain name.

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