How to Ping CMD on Windows - Complete Guide

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The term ping is unknown to most people, as almost everyone focuses on connection speed. Anyway, this point is as important as other factors, today you will learn more and also about how ping Windows.

What is ping?

In relation to this term there are many doubts, in fact most people have no knowledge of what Ping stands for. If you are one of those people with doubts, don't worry, read the following information carefully to find out what Ping is.

Ping is a term used to describe the response speed or latency between a computer and a network. This can refer to local networks, such as our home and its router, although it is also present between our computers and a network on the Internet.

With ping you can check the response speed, this information will be reflected in milliseconds, we can conclude that the lower the figure, the higher the connection quality. It is very useful to know this information in some cases.

Knowing your pin is especially useful though you constantly play on the Internet, as ping is the most important thing here to have a great gaming experience. Regardless of why you want to know this information, carefully read the guide we have prepared for you.

However, while the above points are true, you shouldn't confuse what 'ping' is 'game ping'. If you have any doubts, you can visit What is ping in games like Fortnite? How to view and download it? and this way you will see the difference between the two.

How to Ping CMD on Windows - Complete Guide

The procedure for pinging is very simple and can also be very useful for checking for some annoying connection problems. If you want to ping, follow the steps in this tutorial:

  1. The first thing to keep in mind to ping and check your router's connection is to know its IP address. To do this, press the key Windows + R (if you can't find it, remember it's next to Ctrl).
  2. The Run Program interface will appear on the screen. Type DCM and do click su OKAY.
  3. A new tab will appear, the CMD tab. Here you have to type Ipconfig and press Enter.
  4. Several addresses will appear, the one you are interested in is Default Gateway, which should be something like
  5. Write it down to start the process.

Ping the router to verify its connection

  1. Inside the CMD window you have to write the word ping, press space and provide the IP you noted earlier. In our case it should be something like "Ping". Now you just have to press the Enter key.
  2. A lot of information will appear on the screen, but the most important is the one after the word Time. The response speed, measured in milliseconds, is shown here "M" o "Ms".
  3. In the case of connections between router and PC, these numbers should be very small, less than 30ms. If your connection is 10ms or less, everything is fine.

If you want to be more specific with this feature, you can also set a packet size using the Ping command, something that is often recommended for more accurate results.

Ping CMD in Windows with an Internet page

In addition to the previous point, it may be convenient to check the response speed with an Internet page, this is particularly useful in case you have problems with said website. To ping an IP address or web page, do the following:

  1. Being inside the CMD window you just have to write the word Ping followed by the website you want to check. Eg: "Ping". After typing it, press the Enter key.
  2. A lot of information will appear on the screen, as we told you earlier, the most important thing is the section Now.
  3. In this case the figures will be higher, as you are not connecting to an internal network but to an Internet site. For this reason, the figures could be around 100 ms or 150 ms. Don't worry, this is completely normal.

You can also perform a custom ping with Windows PowerShell, which is another way to use this system function.

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