How to play Resident Evil VIII for free on your smartphone

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Although there are better and better video games for mobile phones, the truth is that the graphics of these cannot be compared to that of next-generation consoles or PCs.

However, cloud gaming could be the solution to this problem. Cloud platforms like Stadia or xCloud allow you to enjoy next generation games no matter what hardware you have.

A turning point that allows us to enjoy the future Resident Evil VIII, one of the most anticipated games of this 2021, on the screen of our smartphone.

How to play Resident Evil VIII for free on your smartphone

Resident Evil VIII will have one final demo before its final version

No, the new game from Capcom that will make us very scared it will not be available for download on Android phones. Obviously it is a game that will be released for next generation consoles, for the previous generation and also for PC, so obviously the graphics load it will have is impossible for a mobile device.

Fortunately, the Google Stadia platform will also have this title in its catalog so thanks to the cloud we will be able to play it on our Android device. Now, this will be from next 7 May 2021.

Luckily Capcom has announced a new demo for all those who can't wait for that date to arrive. A demo that will show us all the terror of Resident Evil VIII: Village and that will delight all fans of the horror saga.

And yes, a completely free demo just in case you don't we have a console or a computer, we can enjoy it on an Android device.

Resident Evil Village your Stadia.

For this we will only have to create a Google Stadia account for free. How is it created? Well, with an email from Google and that's it. You don't have to pay anything. Just create an account and enjoy.

Ok, we have already created our Stadia account and now what is the next step? Well first of all we recommend that you install the Stadia app on your mobile device, essential not only to play but also to be able to buy new games and download free games like Destiny 2.

And now we come to the important thing, how to play Resident Evil VIII on your smartphone completely free?

Try the Resident Evil VIII demo on Stadia on May 2nd

The 2 May the second playable demo of Resident Evil VIII Village will be available in a limited way and for all platforms, which obviously includes Google Stadia.

Limited? Yes, because Capcom has confirmed that this demo will only be available for 24 hours, that is until next May 3rd, so it is better that you register the date on the calendar that I do not know you will forget

Basically the demo will offer us two scenarios, a city and a castle, to which we can devote a maximum of 60 minutes. After this time, we will only have to wait for the final version on May 7, which will cost 69,99 euros.

Google Stadia Controller

Resident Evil VIII will follow the essence of its predecessor, or what is the same, it will keep the camera in first person to keep us in tension at all times. On this occasion and from what we have seen in the different trailers, the enemies here will not be zombies but werewolves and vampires, including Lady Dimitrescu, which has become an internet sensation since it was first shown.

What's more, if we buy Resident Evil VIII Village at Stadia before May 21, in addition to the game, Google will give us a Premiere Edition that includes a Chromecast Ultra 4K and a controller, the whose official value is 99,99 euros. Gratuitous!

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