How to prevent and disable Facebook access to my mobile camera

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The use of applications on our mobile is inevitable; There are apps for all kinds of things and the vast majority will ask us for some permits in order to function properly, such as: stored data, microphone or camera. The truth is, Facebook is no exception and requires a number of permissions during installation. But know how to disable Facebook access to your mobile camera in this post.

The permissions required by the Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications

  1. Storage: This permission allows you to upload photos to the application, but at the same time grants the login to Facebook to see all your information.
  2. Calendar: access to all the appointments you have saved, the places marked to visit and everything that is noted will be visible to the Facebook application.
  3. Contacts: Access to the list of names and phone numbers, along with all data saved in the contact cards within your address book, you can also access your phone number but you can change this option if you want more privacy.
  4. Camera: access to turn on the camera e take photos or record videos from the application Facebook.
  5. Microphone: Access for the application to turn on the phone's microphone, it is widely used for video calls.
  6. SMS: Access for receive, read content and send text message.
  7. Telephone: Access for make or receive calls from the application.
  8. Location: Access the GPS to find out where you are and enter your location in the post.

Why should i disable Facebook access to the camera?

Facebook like many other applications is free, however in the end we pay everyone to use these applications, guaranteeing the access to our data instead of money ; as these are usually sold to other companies (you can find out if your data has leaked) dedicated to advertising or to massive statistical studies.

Surely on some occasion while browsing your Facebook profile and talking to a person, advertisements appear almost immediately which are directly related to the topic of the conversation; this happens because we have access to the Facebook microphone in the installation.

There will be people who don't care about these things and say they have nothing to hide, but there are others who value their privacy more and don't feel comfortable knowing that there is a possibility that Facebook has access to their own. camera; in these cases it is possible to revoke access at the same.

And also a measure to protect yourself in case of errors or bugs; There was a case that happened to a Twitter user at the end of 2019, named Joshua Maddux, who noticed that the rear camera of his iPhone running iOS 13.2.2 would turn on and stay active when he accessed the photo of the profile of a contact.

Facebook confirmed that the error was caused by a change made by developers a week before the incident; The bug was fixed in no time, but it has since become clear to many users that theirs privacy can easily be violated and that it is best to take precautions, you can contact Facebook to report any problems.

How to prevent Facebook from accessing the mobile phone camera?

How to disable Facebook access to your camera on Android

  • Enter the following options: "Settings> Applications> Application permissions" or look for the word "Permissions" in the "Settings" option.
  • So look for the "Camera" section and enter it.
  • In the application list, select Facebook and press the deactivation button.

How to disable Facebook access to your camera on iOS

  • Enter the "Settings> Privacy" options or look for the word "Privacy" in the "Settings" option.
  • Log in to the "Camera" option and click on it.
  • A list of applications will be displayed to select Facebook and click to deactivate.

As you can see, disabling Facebook access to the camera is very simple and is not something permanent, as you can re-enable it at any time, the same can also be requested for microphone permission if you wish; the important from now on you know how to keep your privacy safe.

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