How to prevent anyone from sending me private messages on Twitter

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Like all applications and platforms we use for send messages and multimedia files, Twitter incorporates new features that are super useful for its users. But what for some may be beneficial, for others it may mean something unpleasant. This is about receiving direct or private messages and we will show you below how to stop anyone from sending me private messages on twitter.

If that's how you feel it, this platform now allows you to receive private messages from all your followers regardless of whether you follow him. This gave a lot to talk about, as it was previously allowed, but only for those users you followed. This option has now been expanded and is not something that everyone enthusiastically welcomes.

But we will tell you that this shouldn't be a nuisance, as there is also a very easy way to  prevent anyone from sending me private messages on Twitter. We have already offered you several ways to protect yourself when chatting with your contacts, where you can send encrypted messages from the application very quickly and easily.

How to prevent anyone from sending me private messages on Twitter

The new changes and additions that this famous social network is developing want to give a 180-degree turn to the way we don't communicate.

You can say that the future will be to be in every home and to be with every person, no matter who you decide to follow. But these changes can generate some controversy, which is easy to mitigate.

Apparently, not all changes are enthusiastically received by those who use the social networks. Many argue that this could be an option that allows for more unlimited communication.

Especially if you are the owner of a commercial brand and would like to advertise through this medium and find out what they think about the product.

Or to be able to give technical assistance, due to the social network without this meaning that both users follow each other. But those people who have some worldwide fame would receive hundreds of direct or private messages, by people who don't even follow. So this can be a real nuisance for these types of users.

Steps to prevent anyone from sending me private messages on Twitter

There is something for all tastes and the social network has thought about it, for this reason it has added an option that deactivating it, you will prevent anyone from sending you private messages on Twitter, without having to block them. For this we ask you not to be confused anymore and to follow the simple steps that will lead you to get rid of this annoying function.

The first thing to do is to open the Twitter application from your personal computer and log in. Then you have to go directly to the Settings menu and from there you have to find and choose the Security and privacy section. This action will take you to a new window, where you will find many configuration options in this section.

You have to scroll to the bottom of that window, until you find the option Get direct messages from one of your followers. Of course, this option must be checked in its box and you just need to uncheck it, so that this option has no effect, this function it is easily can be deactivated in Twitter.

You will now only receive private messages from those users who follow you, and you will have no problem getting messages from strangers.

As you can see, it's a really easy option to turn off and it will only be a matter of a minute. Importantly, this feature can only be deselected from the PC and it is not possible for now to do it with a mobile phone.

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