How to properly connect an external microphone to iPhone?

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What is the best way to connect an external microphone to the iPhone?

Nowadays, the evolution of these mobiles has brought with it many ways to improve the connection with external devices, but wiring does not go out of fashion.

This is why the best way to get perfect audio is with directly connected external microphones, but it may not be that simple.

Some microphones require an adapter To transmit audio to the mobile phone, causing a problem in the connections, take into account the connection medium.

Cable connection

First and foremost it is recommended to remove any protective elements to avoid problems, such as covers or liners, especially if they cover the connection area of ​​the headphones.

Plug the microphone cable into the headphone jack, if necessary, configure the microphone if you have any application, if not, use it directly.

Then we access, both the camera and the audio recorder, let's do a test before we start recording, so you know at what volume you should speak.

Connection via adapter

Adapters usually include an audio input and output, this simplifies the work for those who wish to record with an audio guide.

To install, connect the adapter to your mobile phone and then connect the microphone, usually this connection method it does not reduce the audio quality.

When the adapters have two connectors, you should check which one is for input and which one is for audio output, it is recommended to test before recording.

How to use an external microphone wireless connection on iPhone?

Well, most of the external microphones have that "automation" have a receiver that has yet to be connected to the iPhone, it is a considerable option. Most of the time it is necessary to have the mobile a little further away than a wired connection allows.

Economic models are the ones that they can have a transmitter and a receiver, the first is carried by the person speaking and the second by the mobile phone.

The best option for using an external microphone to the iPhone is to connect via Bluetooth, as the recording is done optimally.

Currently this technology has evolved a lot, there are few applications that allow you to use these microphones, in fact Apple's factory applications do not allow you to use them.

Ma there is always a solution, applications like MoviePro have won the hearts of many people who create content by allowing the use of these bluetooth microphones.

Is an external microphone really necessary for the iPhone?

Those who create content for social networks, such as podcasts, videos for YouTube or Instagram, even those who record covers, can use any of these. Content creation has grown a lot and with it, the ease of doing it without lugging around huge recording or production equipment.

Currently, iPhone models like X and 11 have excellent video and audio capabilities, and ti allow you to create without too much equipment.

Apple has stood out very well in this respect, yours improvements in the camera, the use of depth, make anyone dare to make videos.

If you are looking to enter the world of audiovisual content creation or music recording, this will be an excellent combination. It is highly recommended that you use an external microphone and your iPhone, you will get amazing things.

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