How to properly install and use Ccleaner to clean my PC

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CCleaner is one of the most recommended applications by experts for the correct or the care and maintenance of our computer. It is especially useful for those who use their PC on a daily basis, using this powerful tool will ensure that it is always in the best possible state.

The truth is that the application has very interesting options, for example you can program CCleaner to automatically clean your PC, but first you need to start with the basics, i.e. install the App, to do it follow the guide below.

How to properly install and use CCleaner to clean my PC

CCleaner is an exceptional application with which you can perform a thorough cleaning of your system, something essential to keep your computer in perfect condition. It is a highly recommended tool for anyone who owns a PC.

Download the app

  1. The first step is download the application, for this you need to access the official CCleaner website, which can be accessed via the following link
  2. There are two versions of CCleaner, one free and one paid, in this case we are interested in the free application, which you can get by pressing the button Download under CCleanerFree.
  3. The system will take you to a download screen, locate the option again CCleanerFree and click Download. The download should start automatically, you may be asked to select a location, if so, select it and go click su Save.
  4. The download process is generally quite fast, as the application weighs very little. Once done, you need to start the installation process, to do this, click on the installer.
  5. You shouldn't configure too much during installation, so you can leave the default options. In any case, read each of the steps carefully when installing the software.

On the other hand, if you plan to use the application more widely, you should learn how to use and configure CCleaner in an advanced way, to get the most out of it. While it's best to start with the basics, read on for it.

Usa l’app CCleaner

CCleaner is a fairly complete application with which you can clean your computer so very efficient. In any case, it has many options that may confuse the inexperienced, which is why we will tell you what each of these options is about.

Change the language

Furthermore, a very important aspect that many users complain about is that the application is in a foreign language or, failing that, in English. This it can be changed very easily, to do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the application and click on the configuration options, which you will find in the gear icon.
  2. Click on the first tab located at the top of the screen, which is called in English Settings.
  3. And there, in the first tab, change the language to Spanish.


The cleaning section, which on many occasions appears as a custom cleaning, is one of the strengths of the application, as with this tool you can clean your system very quickly.

Among the many options present, it is possible to delete files both from the system and from browsers and there is also a section for clean some applications. To run the cleanup, all you need to do is scan your computer and then click Run Cleaner.

In any case, consider checking everything that will be deleted from your system beforehand.


Another interesting feature of CCleaner Cleaner is that it allows you to clean the Windows registry. To do this, all you have to do is click on the option Look for problems, then click Repair selected problems.

Tools, options and update

The system provides various tools such as an uninstaller, software update help, duplicate search, among others. Likewise, you can configure the application to your liking by entering the options section and in turn with the update tool you can have the latest versions of CCleaner.

CCleaner is a great application, but it's not for everyone, if in the end it didn't convince you, you can opt for some of the best free alternatives to CCleaner for your PC, other programs that also do the job amazingly.

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