How to properly measure your wrist for the Apple Watch Solo Loop band

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With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, Apple introduced two new strap models called the Solo Loop and the Solo Loop woven strap. Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and later, these new bands have no clasps or buckles. They are made in a single piece with a slightly elastic material that allows them to be put on and taken off by pulling them off by hand.

As a result of the “Solo Loop” design, Apple offers customers 18 different size options to fit perfectly. They've also created a home printable tool that can be used to measure your wrist size before ordering one of the straps. This tool is the easiest way to know which size is right, but you need to do it carefully so you get it right the first time.

If you don't have a printer on hand, Apple recommends measuring your pulse using an "analog" method, ie a tape measure or using paper and a ruler.

We will see the instructions for each case.

How to measure your pulse using Apple's printable tool

If you don't have a tape measure (the kind used in sewing), you can use Apple's printable template to determine the size of the Solo Loop for you.

Let's see it step by step:

  1. On the Apple Store page of the Apple Watch or individual bands, select  Solo loop  o Braided Solo loop.
  2. Under "Strap size" select "Find your strap size".
  3. Tap or click Download Printable Template.
  4. In the printer options, make sure the print size is set to 100% and the Fit to size option is NOT selected.
  5. Print the template.
  6. Place a credit card in the specified area of ​​the printed page to make sure it is the correct size.
  7. Take the scissors and carefully cut out the template.
  8. Place the shape of the watch case on your wrist, where you normally wear the watch, and wrap the paper strip tightly around your wrist (you can attach the wide part to the skin with some cellophane if that helps). Make sure it fits snugly and doesn't slip.
  9. The number the arrow points to is the strap size. If the arrow is on a line, choose the smaller of the two numbers next to the line.

Tip: Use a sports strap to find out the size

John Gruber of Daring Fireball found that the holes in the Apple Sport Band exactly match the new dimensions of the Solo Loop. This means that if you own a sports band, you can use a simple conversion to determine the correct Solo Loop size for your wrist.

For example, if you have a 38mm watch. or 40mm. and you use the sport band in the innermost hole, which corresponds to a size 1 for the Solo Loop. On the other hand, if you have a 42mm watch. or 44mm. and you use a sporty strap at the outermost end, the Solo Loop strap is size 12.

How to measure your wrist using a tape measure

If you don't have a printer to take out the Apple pattern, you can use a flexible tape measure (the type used in sewing). These are the steps to get it using this home tool:

  1. Adjust the tape measure around your wrist so it's not loose (but not too tight). Logically, put it on the area where you wear the watch.
  2. Write down the measurement.
  3. On the order page for Apple Watch or single bands, select Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop.
  4. Click on “Find out your strap size”.
  5. Click More Options and follow the instructions.
  6. Click "I understand, now what?"
  7. Enter the average you noted in centimeters.
  8. Click on "Check strap size" to find out which size fits you.

How to measure your wrist with a ruler, paper and scissors

If you can't print the Apple model, don't have a tape measure, and don't have an Apple Watch sports band, there is still an alternative to find out which band size is right for your wrist. sheet of paper, scissors, ruler and pencil or pen.

Using scissors, cut out a strip of paper about two centimeters wide using the long side of the paper.

  1. Wrap the strip of paper around your wrist, making sure it is tight but not tight. He must feel comfortable but not loose.
  2. Using a pen or pencil, mark on the paper where the paper overlaps at the beginning of the strip (if it's easier for you, use cellophane to make sure the paper doesn't move).
  3. Spread the strip of paper on the table and use the ruler to measure the distance between the beginning of the strip (which you rested on your wrist) and the mark you made with the pencil or pen. Note the exact measurement.
  4. On the Apple order page for the Apple Watch or single bands, select Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop.
  5. Under "Strap size" select the option "Find out the size of the strap"
  6. Click More Options
  7. Click "I understand, now what?"
  8. Enter the measurement you wrote down (in centimeters)
  9. Click on "Check strap size" to find out which size fits you.
  10. When the band size for you appears, select the recommended size and click Continue.

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