How to properly put shockproof screen protector on cellphone

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This, although it represents a great advantage for us, since they are smartphones with a much greater capacity than previous cell phones and make things much easier for us. Being an extremely important tool, it has one drawback.

Being such advanced devices have very delicate components, if we make a comparison with the old mobile phones. We can see that those of 10 years ago, for example, were built with more resistant materials.

On the other hand, current smartphones, being such advanced devices, have fragile components that with a simple fall could ruin the functioning of our mobile phone, it is essential to put on my mobile a tempered glass protection without bubbles, or an anti-shock protector. .

How to put shockproof screen protector on cellphone correctly?

Removing scratches from the touch screen of my mobile phone is not easy at all, and precisely for this inconvenience, accessories have been designed that can make our smartphones much more resistant. Among these we can find covers that protect the mobile phone from bumps or scratches e screen protector anti-shock, being essential to put a protector without leaving bubbles.

These screensavers are created to protect only and exclusively the screen of our mobile, which is practically the most delicate part of them. They are built in different materials and depending on the material with which it is manufactured it is equivalent to its resistance.

They are glued on top of our screens very precisely, as they have to protect the entire screen of our mobile. They are designed according to each smartphone model, so we must be very careful when we choose it.

Although it may seem a bit complicated to put the shock protection on our mobile, in this article we will teach you all the steps you need to follow to do it correctly.

Steps to properly place an anti-shock screen protector on the mobile phone

When we purchase our anti-shock screen protector, it must come with two wipes inside an envelope identified with the numbers 1 and 2. In some cases it may even come with a hair straightener, you need to make sure our Screen Protector is intact.

Clean the screen well to place the protector

The first thing we need to do is thoroughly clean the screen of our mobile phone, for this we have to remove any coating we have on our phone if so. We take the envelope with the wipes and first extract the one identified with the number 1.

It is recommended to do this in a closed place, where not much air or dust flows to avoid ruining the process. With the towel that we take out, let's clean the whole screen, we pass it with care so that there is no space left not clean.

Then we take out the wipe identified with the number 2 and in the same way we pass it all over the screen of our mobile phone. We make sure there are no traces of dust or lint left on the screen.

If an additional adhesive is provided with the screen protector, this should be applied to the screen and remove any dust. We take it off and carefully pass it across the entire screen.

Remove the stickers in order and place the protector carefully

The next step is to take the screen protector and we will see that it carries two stickers identified with the numbers 1 and 2, in some cases it only carries one. We remove the sticker with the number 1 from the screen protector.

Carefully and great precision we are placing the protector very slowly on the screen of our cell phone, on the side that had the number 1 sticker. We have to be very careful, as we only have one try.

Once aligned we put a finger in the center of the screen and it will start to stick, it is likely that there are bubbles. For this we will use the plate or just with the fingernail, we are sliding each bubble towards the edge of our screen.

Once all the bubbles are removed, we remove the number 2 sticker if it has it. In this way we have successfully placed an anti-shock screen protector.

If you want to keep your mobile screen clean, we recommend cleaning your Android mobile screen with ethyl alcohol to keep it free from bacteria.

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