How To Put A Romantic Relationship With Someone On Facebook Bio - Step By Step

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Although it is not a coincidence, since in some profiles we can see tastes, preferences and even the orientation that the person has. Since we can also discard those who already have a partner, in this article you can easily see how to make this commitment appear on your profile.

What is the user profile?

The user profile is that section where we can see part of a person's information. Although it is limited to whether your profile is private or not, if we have already added it to our friends list and even if you have not blocked us from your posts.

In this part we can enter or modify the date of birth of the person, his birthday, his favorite books and all this from the information tab. Additionally, you can see images the user has uploaded or been tagged in, as long as it's public.

Among the latest updates we can see that in the cover photo and profile photo, not only can you select images, but we can also upload videos. Which made several profiles more personalized.

Can users hide data?

Facebook is a page that allows us to hide various kinds of things across the network. We can hide comments, photos, videos, hide the message button and even personal data. Furthermore, this data can be totally or partially hidden from unknown users, in such a way as to reveal only the desired information.

This is very common in women, since there are a large number of stalkers in the network, and therefore with this method these people can be alienated. It all depends on the configuration type that will be used, since the idea is to find the one that best suits your needs.

How to see if a person is in a romantic relationship on Facebook?

In the user profile, we can search if a person is already engaged with another. This is very good for those looking for more than a friendly relationship, as when they see that a user already has a commitment, they will immediately know it won't be a very viable option.

To find out if a user is in a romantic situation with another person, you must first enter the section information of his profile, and then look for the one that says "sentimental situation". If you find it, you can also find the person you share such a situation with, otherwise it means you don't have it.

How to insert a romantic relationship with someone in the Facebook bio?

The method of placing a romantic relationship is very simple, we must first enter our profile. On the Android platform, we open the option with the three horizontal lines and select the field where our profile photo appears, then click on "Edit public details".

When the new interface opens, we will be at the bottom of the page and select the option "Edit the information section". Next, we will be looking from top to bottom for option number 6, which is "relationship status", where we can specify what kind of relationship it is, the year and label the person.

Even before saving, we can configure which people will be able to see the publication generated by updating the information. After everything has already been edited correctly, let's save and go. The information will appear in our profile.

Finally, we hope this article was helpful to you. We'd love to hear from you. You were able to add one romantic relationship on Facebook? Do you know of another method that allows you to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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