How to put a trailer or main video on my YouTube channel

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Working on a YouTube channel professionally isn't easy at all. It requires a lot of effort and above all many hours of work. Making the first video is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

But the most important thing, at least in the beginning, is to have a high-quality trailer or trailer so you can attract your potential followers. That's why you have to put as much effort as possible into both recording, editing and imagination in both aspects.

For our part, we want to help you by teaching you how to put a video trailer or trailer on my youtube channel. It is by no means a complicated and once obtained process. If the advance is of high quality you will see how quickly you will start earning more and more subscribers.

How to put a preview of the channel on YouTube

Advancing a channel or trailer is critical to attracting the attention of potential subscribers. YouTube itself has a website dedicated to giving you advice on how to improve in this regard.

It is important that the trailer is striking, short, assuming no one knows who you are and above all that it is as original and different as possible. We will see below how you should go about putting it on your channel and that is what manages to catch those who enter your channel for the first time.

  • For this you will have to upload the advance of the channel to your account.
  • Once uploaded, you will need to log into your channel from the top right corner of the screen. By clicking on your profile picture and then on «The my channel «.
  • Now let's go up " Customize channel «.
  • You have to look for the card that says " Main page «.
  • Next, look for a new tab that says " For new visitors «.
  • Find the pencil icon to be able to " Modify «.
  • You can now select the preview for your channel.

Put a trailer on my YouTube channel

It is very important that the trailer or trailer for your channel is of the highest quality possible and even if it has a few seconds, you take all the time in the world to produce it. Since it is as important as the progress of any film.

Something extremely positive is that every time the video is played in the corresponding section, no advertising will be shown so that the viewer does not see the interrupted experience and can appreciate in detail all the information on your channel.

You should pay close attention to your progress in that it can make the difference between having a new subscriber or not. Therefore, it is important that you focus on achieving and advancing as original as possible with the best production to your knowledge.

We know it's not an easy thing to do. But we recommend that you take all the time in the world to make this video which in a nutshell is your cover letter. It's a way to sell your channel and get more viewers for your future videos. Therefore, it is very important.

We hope it was very clear to you how to put a trailer or main video on my youtube channel. If not, remember that you can leave us a comment below with any questions you have and we will be happy to help resolve them.

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