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We usually have a habit of personalizing our things, which gives us a sense of identity. Among them are iPhone or Android, in them we place background images that remind us of someone special or a moment. Thanks to technological advances, now you can put a video as wallpaper! Yes, it's nice right? But… How to put a video as wallpaper on my mobile? Very easy! Here you will learn how to do it.

Set a video as wallpaper

Most Android phones and iPhones support this feature; The ways to do this are different and it will depend on the model you have. In the case of Galaxy S10 mobiles, they include this option in the equipment holder.

Which allows you to put a video as a background. Android phones, such as Google Pixel 3, need a third party app to do this. If you own an iPhone, having a video in the background is a long version of Live Photo, i.e. moving photos, and works with iPhones that use 3D touch.

Pressing the screen plays a longer time than for short films of 3 seconds. For Samsung phones have a video background:

  • Log in to the Gallery app and choose the video you want as wallpaper.
  • Press on the vertical points in the upper right corner.
  • In Set as wallpaper click Exit, this is to trim the video to fifteen seconds.
  • Finally, hit Set as Wallpaper again.

Background video on Pixel 3, Ove Plus 7 Pro or other devices

In these devices you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the app Video Live Wallpaper Naing Group.
  2. Press the camera icon and choose the video you want to turn into wallpaper.
  3. Close the application e the video will automatically become your wallpaper. Some android phones don't have this application, you need to use the video live wallpaper app; You can download it from the Google Play Store.

A background video on your iPhone can make it last longer, but iOS doesn't support this feature and that's because iOS doesn't support them. There are ways to convert videos to be longer than 3 seconds, but it is per iPhone con 3D Touch (iPhone 6S), newer models. You can also easily enable 3D Touch on Android; For this you have to use another App that allows you to convert normal videos into moving photos.

Follow these steps

  • In the Google Play Store download Pic Play Post.
  • After installing the application, open and click New project.
  • click on Create an ir SideShow movie and select the vertical ratio 9.16.
  • Click on Full screen e select your video.
  • There you can personalize your video by adding special effects, stickers and music.
  • Select the video and click Know and share.
  • click on Live Photo / Wallpaper and then enter the settings application on your device.
  • Find where it says Background.
  • Select Choose a new background and click the video.
  • Finally, click Live Wallpaper and click OK and you will have your custom video as wallpaper.

It is very easy put a video as a background, most Android phones and iPhones have that application, although it will depend on what type of brand you have. If they don't have it, you can download it like we said before. Remember to leave us your comments on this article. Share this article with friends and family.

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