How to put a video or GIF on my profile cover or Facebook fanpage

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Facebook is one of the most successful and attractive social networks of recent decades, it is important to be on par with this platform as it allows you to interact with many people and learn about topics of personal, professional and academic interest. Therefore, know how a video or GIF is placed on the profile or fanpage cover it is essential not to be left behind, as well as being a way to make the profile more attractive.   

What is a Facebook profile?

Facebook profile is a website to post information about things that interest you, Mi likes and preferences about you. In this sense, it is an interface dedicated solely and exclusively to you, you are the designer, the computer and the person who decides the content it will contain.  

Other people can see your Facebook profile and search for you by name or mobile number. To find out how to find a person by their mobile number, visit the following link where you will find the easy way to do it.

In fact, you can also view the profile of other people, friends, family and people you want to meet. From your Facebook profile you can chat with one or more people about common problems, as well as share news of daily life.

You also have a cover on your profile or fanpage, usually on that cover it is placed a photo, video or image in GIF format so that all your friends can see it. However, if you don't want strangers to view your profile content, you can choose to set up a totally private profile.

Why have a profile on Facebook?

First of all, Facebook is a social network that in the last decade has become the most crowded and traveled site by netizens to share various topics, such as: videos, songs, photographs, images and films. Beyond at games, cooking recipes, news and other topics of interest. 

In summary, the social network Facebook currently has a high international demand for users. Such users they share various contents, if you find many topics and facilities such as making a business appointment. This is why it is essential to know the tools provided by this social network in order to have an up-to-date profile.

In fact, some of the advantages of having a Facebook profile are: Exchange information and stories with friends and acquaintances, follow companies to be aware of all the events in the sector, follow topics in the professional area and share publications on Personal Life.  

What is the way to upload a video or GIF image to the cover or fanpage of the Facebook profile?

Place a video or GIF image on your profile cover Facebook it's simpler than you might think. Facebook allows you to insert and download a video or GIF, to make your profile more personalized and attractive. Below are the next steps to follow.

Step 1

Go to the page, click edit in the lower right area of ​​your cover. To insert a video, select choose a video. The cover video should be at least 1250 312 pixels x and it shouldn't be longer than 20-90 seconds.

Step 2

To place a GIF, select to choose a GIF, while the video is uploading or uploading, change its position by clicking on it and dragging it up or down, then click Next.

3 pass

Click the arrows to scroll through up to ten preview options for your cover video. The thumbnail image can be used when someone hovers over your page name to get more information. Click Save Changes and that's it.

Finally, to place a GIF, we recommend using helper applications like Canva as on that site you will get the GIF image that you need to upload easily.

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