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Therefore, it is important to learn how to type correctly on the computer. So we will teach you, quickly and easily, how to put accents or accents in Word.

Il dominance of office software it is also crucial for the employees of this century. And all these PC tools have been developed to make your work easier, making it more efficient and comfortable.

This guide would be a great first step in getting to a good level of Word knowledge. Then, you can delve into other Microsoft Office suite tutorials, which will gradually increase your skills.

It is important that, in order to continue this guide, you have previously downloaded and installed Microsoft Word from its official website. Considering that it is a paid program, you may have some doubts about it.

The truth is that the acquisition of the Office package represents a great investment in our training. At some point, there will be opportunities for senior positions in the office, reaching only the most educated.

What is Microsoft Office?

When we speak of a suite of computers, we are referring to a family of programs intended for a particular purpose. In this case, Microsoft Office is a package developed by Microsoft Corporation with the aim of covering all essential tools for the office in a modern office. If you want you can download the full Microsoft Office package so that you can enjoy it.

This software suite dominates a large part of market office automation. Some of his most successful titles are: Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet; Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation designer; and, what brings us here, Microsoft Word, a word processor.

Microsoft Word

Let's dive a little deeper into what a word processor like Word is. It is a computer program that can be accessed in editorial offices. Text processed with Word can be edited in many ways. Be it changing the color, font, size or adding images or watermarks and shapes.

How to put accents or accents in Word?

First, the process can be very simple. The bad comes when the normal method doesn't work and we have to access other types of settings.

The common thing when you want to put accents on your computer is to use the button on the keyboard, which has that emphasis on it. Then, the key will be pressed and then the voice letter to be checked. The position of the tilde key varies depending on the keyboard, the most normal thing is that you have a QWERTY in Spanish.

If you've already managed to put the accent that way, continue reading the tutorial anyway. We will show some things to keep in mind for bigger problems.

When when you press the tilde key and, instead of being positioned, another kind of symbol appears, we are faced with a problem. It is very likely that in the configuration of your PC you have selected an English keyboard and not a Spanish one. We will try to change easily there keyboard language.

Should go in the lower right corner screen (not Word but the whole screen). There, the taskbar will appear with several options. You will notice that one has three capital letter abbreviations. If your keyboard is in English, ENG (for English) will be listed.

Press this abbreviation and choose the text Language preferences, a window will open with the option Add a preferred language and we'll take it. In the list you can search for the language you want, in this case Spanish. There are different variations of Spanish, depending on the regions in which it is spoken, but all use the accent.

Once the language is added, you will be able to select it whenever you want. Now you can insert accents or accents as specified in the first step.

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