How to put an invisible lock pattern on a cellphone | Hide unlock pattern

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There are currently other ways to prevent someone from joining our team without permission. That is why we present the following article that will teach you how to put an invisible lock pattern on a cellphone | hide the unlock pattern.

The unlock patterns are the ones that offer a very efficient level of security since thanks to their three by three point matrix it allows you to create a figure. This figure is called a pattern and is practically indecipherable. But what if now this lock pattern can be made invisible.

Yes, as you hear it, this security model can be made invisible but remember it can only work on smartphones. And in the next tutorial we will explain how to apply this option in a very simple way. So join us and find out what steps you need to take to put this trick into practice.

How to put an invisible lock pattern on a cellphone

By activating this option you will add an additional security factor to the access of your mobile phone and will allow you to be calmer when you leave it in view of others. It is extremely important to be safe from the curious, who try to break into our phones and see what private files we may have.

The tutorial we will present so you can enter an invisible lock pattern on a mobile phone, we are doing this with computers that run on Android operating systems. So it is very likely that applying it on other computers that work with different operating systems, the sequence of steps is not the same.

We would also like to remind you that this method is very useful to prevent those who see you entering the security pattern from memorizing it and then using it to enter your mobile phone. So this is a great option, for prevent the model from being visible. But remember not to forget the password and you don't have to have a bad time.

The first thing we will do is enter our mobile phone in the configuration options. You will find it in the upper right part of the little dice icon, when you do this, a screen with many options will appear. You have to go to the end so that you can find the Security option.

Hide my phone's unlock pattern

Select this option by pressing on it and more options will immediately appear, but you need to put your attention on the first Lock Screen option. Next to this option is a dice icon. And you have to put pressure on it, so that it shows you new options.

Here you will see other options and the first one is Make it visible the reason next to this option you will find a slide button, which must be green. This is because this option must be enabled. What we need to do is disable this option. So that our model is not visible.

To disable it, we just have to press the button and scroll to the left, the button will change color from green to gray. You can now exit the settings and verify that your model is no longer visible. If you want to go back to the previous configuration, you just have to activate this option and the scheme will be visible again.

And in this very simple way, you will be able to give your security mechanisms an extra parameter that does not allow access to your mobile by people who just want to see your personal files. And it's so easy to learn to put an invisible lock pattern on a cellphone to hide the unlock pattern.

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