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Nowadays, people depend a lot on our mobile phones and with this the idea of ​​being able to take pictures makes all our adventures better. That's why they offer us many applications to fully enjoy this wonderful tool and one of the best and best known applications is Snapchat, it's trendy, it's easy, practical, safe and a lot of fun to use. It's so good you can even use Snapchat on PC.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social network that allows you to send messages to your contacts but in a slightly more original and fun way, in image or video format. This application was born in 2011.

Something very surprising is that you can send the images or videos not only to a chat, but it can be to a group created by you. The idea of ​​the application is to be able to send the "shots" that last from 1 or up to 10 seconds and then they will be automatically destroyed, this is a great idea and even more so when the ideal is that the photos or videos we want see as quickly as possible.

When taking a photo, the application has a number of tools to make it more attractive, you can try any filter, change it if you want, add text, emoji or even draw over the image.

The idea is to share the best pictures and videos with your followers, but has it ever happened to you that you are recording a video, you send it and the audio is not heard? Another problem that can occur is do not get yourself into the account, so it's important that you know how to log in or create an account on Snapchat if it doesn't allow me.

Why can't I hear audio on Snapchat?

Nobody wants to go through the shame of posting a video and just seeing the movement and nothing we are saying or the music that is playing in the background. The little problem can be solved very simply and it could be that this is the reason why this error occurs on your device.

Many users have reported complaints regarding audio of Snapchat videos , since they are not heard during playback; Some causes could be that your phone's volume is deconfigured, you should check it and try again as it may be in silent mode or vibrate mode and for that reason it won't play sound.

When we download and install the application on our mobile, the first thing we do is obviously open the App. When it opens, the first thing it will do is send us some pop-up notifications requesting permission in order to use agents external to the App.

All applications require the use of certain mobile phone hardware, Snapchat uses several and among them we have the microphone, there is a possibility that you did not allow to use the phone's microphone when you accepted the permissions. It's something a little unusual, but it can happen to all of us so don't worry. Now what we need to do is the simplest. We will discuss the steps you need to follow one by one to activate the microphone:

Open the Snapchat application, click on your friends list and go to your profile picture, click on settings or settings, go to additional services and hit manage, once done, select where it says permissions and we will automatically see a list of all the Permissions required by the application, find where it says microphone and click where it says 'tap to activate' and that's it, your microphone will be activated and you can start recording your videos with audio. Take advantage and check once if you have other permissions disabled.

How to turn Snapchat video volume on or off

If you are worried that when you are recording a video on snapchat a noise will ring around and spoil everything, calm down you can fix it since you can now send a Snap without audio, all you have to do is that after recording the video you simply have to press the microphone icon that will appear in the lower corner of the screen, you have to do this before sending it, and voila, it's that simple you can turn the volume on or off.

What should I do if my Snapchat videos cannot be listened to

Creating content on this social network and having a hard time not listening to videos is very unpleasant, so below we will give you some options or things you can do that can help you solve this problem.

Check your phone's silent mode

A possible cause preventing you from listening to your videos Snapchat , it could be that your phone has silent mode turned on, for this simple reason it is not possible for them to be played with audio, you just have to go into the settings and disable this option.

Check the volume of your mobile

Something very simple you should do is check the volume of your equipment , as it may be very quiet and won't let you hear the audio of your videos.

Check your Bluetooth connection

Sometimes it usually happens that we have the Bluetooth activated and it won't let us play the audio of the video, all you have to do is go to the settings and enter the Bluetooth settings and turn it off.

Restart your mobile

A very good option that you can also do is to restart the phone, as this way it can restore the audio and while the video is playing they can be heard without any problem.

Check audio in other apps

If you have already tried all the possible solutions and nothing worked for you, you can try or check the volume of the other applications to see if the problem is general.

I still can't hear audio in my videos

The microphone problem is the most common of all, this problem is solved quickly by following all the steps mentioned in the article. But there is a possibility that you have all permissions activated in the application and still no audio is heard in the videos.

This is because many times we have our mobile phone in silence, if at that moment you have the phone in silence or with low volume, logically the video will be recorded without audio or with very little volume, so we recommend that you do it when you want to record a video you have yours device at maximum volume, like this you can record your video correctly and with audio.

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