How to put background music in a YouTube live with OBS

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Currently for anyone dedicated to making video games. The best way to earn a few extra dollars it's thanks to those direct from YouTube or other platforms like Twitch.

To manage to Creating a good atmosphere in a live show depends on many factors, the most important of which is yourself. But that doesn't mean this is all you need. Because it is rather boring to watch someone play with the silence in the background.

Music is always important, a good selection of songs can make people stick around, it can be one more reason and a big difference between that person staying long or leaving as fast as possible.

So we'll see how to put background music on a YouTube live with OBS and believe me, it's a lot easier than you might imagine.

Put the background music on a live stream on YouTube

Believe it or not, putting background music on a YouTube live is remarkably simple and within minutes you will be able to hear whatever you want while you play and interact with your community.

How do we stage the background music? can open a tab in your browser and start playing music from YouTube itself or do the same from Spotify. In short, it has no more science than it does.

What you should really consider is that you can't put on any music as a lot of what you are about to try to play is probably copyrighted and this demonetizes the live once uploaded to YouTube as a video.

This problem isn't that big though live on Twitch as it is less strict in this respect and the money that is generated is made while you are live. When videos are saved, they generally don't make any money.

How to put music on a YouTube stream

We recommend use copyright-free music videos. On YouTube you can find a huge number of high quality royalty-free songs that can serve to add an incredible atmosphere to your live shows.

But if you want to make it more dynamic, it is better to change your classic OBS with an interesting alternative to perform live performances and manipulate the music you hear from the same program.

OBS Live or Streamlabs OBS is a very interesting modified version of OBS that from the same OBS panel it allows you to add YouTube videos to listen to in the background in your live shows or add items such as a chat.

Even if you've approved the command on your Twitch channel, you can ask your followers to add topics to the list so they can choose the music. A good way to get them to interact with you and stare at you longer.

But basically it would be like that. It requires absolutely nothing else. What you should keep in mind is that the Windows or desktop volume in OBS is lower than the microphone volume in so that when you speak, you feel above the music and not vice versa. Since when you do a live the protagonist should be you and your comments.

But as you can see it is very easy to learn playing background music on a YouTube live with OBS. There is no need to use additional programs unless you want to like Spotify.

However, as I said above, you can use YouTube videos and from OBS Live itself you can add them without having to depend on a Chrome window playing a video.

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