How to put dynamic stickers with effects on Facebook stories?

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This tool or feature has recently been incorporated into the e allows users to insert animated emojis on posts.

This adds to the new changes made by many other social networks, such as Instagram, which already had it for a while.

Likewise, Facebook joins the long list of social websites more progressive on market. It is a fairly easy function to perform and here we show you how.

Update the application to the latest version

To be able to insert dynamic stickers with effects to the stories, devi before check that the Facebook application is up to date.

Otherwise, it is possible that when you attempt to perform the procedure below, these items to add to the publication will not be obtained.

To do this, you need to go to the Google icon Play Store on your mobile phone and, using the search engine, find the application. By entering the section of the same, it will indicate if it needs to be updated or if it is in the latest version.

How do you know it? When you log in, in the case of the Google Play Store, if it needs a renewal, it will indicate it with a green button that says " Update «.


Another way to check this is to enter the top menu which has three parallel lines and is attached to the search bar. In this way a side menu will slide out which will have many choices, we proceed to choose the one that says “The my apps and games ".

By selecting this option, it will show a section that will have a list with the applications or games that need to be updated.

Then, we proceed to search the list if the Facebook mobile it does not need to be renewed. If so, you'll have a button on the right side that will allow you to do this.

This way you will get the latest version available of the app that has the function of inserting dynamic stickers with effects in the stories.

Put dynamic stickers with effects on Facebook stories.

Usually, the preferred option for users when uploading a story is to grab it on the spot or remove it from the mobile gallery.

To insert dynamic stickers with effect in either of these two options, you need to enter the Facebook mobile application. There is the section of the stories and in the box where ours should go, the symbol is selected " Other «.

This will take us to the segment where the story will be prepared before it is published so that it can be seen by other people. At the bottom there will be the images saved in the cell phone gallery, you have to choose the one you want to be inside the content.

Doing so will take us to another section where there will be four icons at the top right, which they will allow you to add elements to the story.

The one that allows you to embed dynamic stickers with effects to the image it will be the first, which has the shape of a decal that detaches from one of the edges.

After pressing this button, it will first show a list of small emojis, but if you go down low enough, another type will appear. These stickers are the ones that have the particularity of take effect when playing the story which has been uploaded to the social network.

Then, you just have to select what the user prefers or likes, and once entered you can edit it using your fingers. Finally, after adjusting it, all you have to do is select " Share »At the bottom of the screen, and in this way the publication with the dynamic adhesive will be successful.

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