How to put fractions on the smartphone keyboard

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How many times do we use the keyboard of our smartphone during the day? Countless. Whether it's talking on WhatsApp, leaving comments on Instagram or even searching for content on Google, keyboard is one of the most important apps on our mobile device, hence the importance of having the one that best suits our needs.

Now, do you know how to enter fractions with the keyboard of your Android device? It is not something that is used every day but it is only necessary that at some point we have to write a fraction and we do not know how. But don't worry, we will explain it to you quickly and easily.

How to write fractions on the keyboard of your Android Android device

For this simple trick we used the Google keyboard, not only because it seems to us the best in terms of speed and good functioning, but also because it allows us to put photographs as the background of the keyboard itself, making it quite customizable. Although the way to enter fractions will be the same if using any other keyboard.

For this we will have to have the top row of numbers activated on the keyboard and all we have to do is select any number and hold your finger on it. In this way we will see how a small window appears with the possibility of choosing many fractions. For example, if we hold down 1, we will see 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 and so on.

Obviously this is not something that will change our lives and we may never have to write fractions, but it never hurts to learn to fully master the keyboard of our smartphone. It is also possible that if you like math you need to know how to enter these commands on the keyboard of your mobile phone and now there will be no more excuses for not knowing how to do it.

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