How to put music in my Twitch streams What music can I put in and what not?

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Not long ago it was expected that the world of video games would be reduced to the limits that draw the walls of your room. But with the freedom of the web and the growing appearance of pages dedicated to this growing audience. Now a world of possibilities has opened up. And then we will explain how to put music on my Twitch streams. What music can I put on and what can't I play?

Of course there are many pages that we can find on the web specialized in offering the most varied contents aimed at video game lovers. Among these we can name Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, among others. But it cannot be argued that there is currently a leader on this issue and none other than Twitch.

It is that these pages offer very different content from other entertainment and online games and are called live streaming or broadcasts. And in this way you can not only play and have fun online or enjoy the most varied multimedia contents. Plus, if you plan it right, you can earn money which will be the icing on the cake.

How to put music on my Twitch streams What music can I put and what not?

If you are already one of those who regularly use this web platform and if not, do not wait any longer and go to its portal and create an account on Twitch, so you can join and register i your video games. Now so that you have an idea of ​​the amount of emissions that can be done in a year. For example, in 2018 there could be more than 3 million retransmissions.

When these videos are broadcast, users usually put music backgrounds, or their own favorite music, and share it in this way with their followers. Or they also use it to focus on the games they are playing. But unfortunately most of them do this unknowingly and do not know the risks that this innocent act entails.

Since the so-called Copyright, a kind of protection that prevents you from freely using certain music, videos or images. This means that the author of the music can only grant permissions to those who want to use its content. If not, you may face severe penalties and financial compensation.

Having clarified this, it is important that you know what music content you can or cannot use in your Streams and therefore be able to monetize without penalty. Then you can use the music that is yours, the tracks that are in the Twitch music library. You can also use Twitch Sings shows and music for which you are authorized.

Now the music that under no circumstances should you use in your Karaoke music streams, the so-called Playbacks, DJ sessions and song performances. As you see, you already have this point very clear and it will not happen at any time to place a protected music. On the web you can find specialized pages that provide you with a lot of copyright-free music.

Where to find music for streaming

Now let's touch on where to find music that has no restrictions to use and call Twitch's music library. Believe it or not, here you can find a varied and extensive music library. Different genres and which have the support of independent record companies, including Monstercat e Spinning Records.

Other niches where you can explore and find very good and varied music of different lengths are in the YouTube playlist. You just have to search for Music for Twitch and that's it. Another highly recommended place to find music is Twitch FM on Spotify. Where you will find copyright-free music and more than 2500 songs to choose from in your library.

Now that you know what music you can use when streaming, you won't have a problem sharing it with all your followers. And in this way we have come to the end of this article which may show you  how to put music on my Twitch streams Which music can I put and which not?

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