How to put or show the ruler in Microsoft Word - Very easy

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With this precision tool you can check the size of your sheet at any time. Also to adjust the margins, both right and left and also the top and bottom. You will know how to activate and make good use of the rule, as well as the different commands that control it.

In this article you will learn more than one method, it could be said that little tricks will make you an expert when it comes to creating formats for all your documents. Let's do it one more time, use this powerful text editing program and learn easily and simply how to set or show ruler in Microsoft Word.

In previous editions we have shown you step by step how to show the ruler in Word, this time we will do it, but in a simple way. We will show you how to do it without much hassle and in a faster way. So let's get started.

How to put or show the ruler in Microsoft Word

To be able to activate or use this tool, you only need to go to the top menu and create a clip in the tab View. And then we activate it by making a clip in the box indicated with the name of Rule. A check mark will appear in this box to indicate that this feature has been enabled.

We must remember that we are using the word processor Word 2016 and it is possible that some of the guidelines we teach here may not apply in previous versions. After activating the rule function and checking that it is now shown to us on our sheet. We need to go to the next step, which is to set the rule parameters.

You see, so far we've done everything quickly and easily and we'll just have to format our rule. To do this, we go back to the top menu and this time we choose the tab Format. We are shown a menu, which if you look closely you can configure many options like margins, orientation, size, columns, indent, etc.

Set margins in Word

To perform this action and we can have a document that has the parameters we want. Being in format, we make a clip in the card Tax page, another window is shown and here we can make the configurations that refer to margins, paper and drawing.

The first thing we can configure are the margins, here we see that the values ​​of the upper and lower margins and those of the left and right can be changed. Also the position of the gutters and the orientation. Let's see that you can have a preview of the document and the option Apply to.

What has been explained so far has been very simple, because as you could have guessed, activate the rule and configuring the margins isn't that difficult, it's just a matter of knowing where these features are and how to use them. Another point that should be noted, to finish with the margins, is that of the tabs.

Once you've chosen the size you want your margins to have, you can manually change the indents. You can do this, using the small arrows that appear on your ruler. If you select any part of your text or the whole document and position yourself on one of these little arrows by making a clip and holding.

When you drag it left or right, the entire text area you have selected will move. And that way you can check the return. As you can see, you may learn how to put or show ruler easily in Microsoft Word.

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