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Creating subtitles for an online YouTube video seems to be one of the dilemmas that many users face, mainly for those who frequently use this tool, whether to watch videos of your favorite 'Influencers' or simply any video of your preference.

YouTube is one platform dedicated to the reproduction of various contents in video format, it is of American origin. In addition to offering users the opportunity to enjoy a vast repertoire of films, music videos, trailers, videoblogs, television, it also offers the possibility of listening to music wherever you are, with the 'YouTube Music' service.

How to put subtitles on YouTube online videos that don't have them?

Create subtitles for an online YouTube video it seems to be a very simple task, which benefits millions of users, especially those who speak a different language, or even those who suffer from hearing problems. YouTube offers the ability to access, enjoy various content or create content for viewers of this service on any device with an Internet connection.

Searching for videos on YouTube channels, from your mobile, computer or tablet, or doing anything from the application, is very rewarding for video lovers. Never before has a video service been so comprehensive, as is YouTube, and the number of subscribers seems to be growing more and more.

To create subtitles for an online YouTube video, you can follow a few simple steps, which don't require big protocol or big complications.

To do this, you need to access «YouTube Studio», in the part where the menu is located, press «Subtitles», locate the video you want to edit, drag the mouse to the option «Add languages». Select the "Subtitles" option and press "Write manually", play the video while writing subtitles.

How to create a YouTube account without major complications?

Create subtitles for an online YouTube video seems to be one of the second things users do the most, obviously the first is watching videos and sharing them. Currently, accessing the network from any device is very simple, as absolutely everyone, or at least most, has a smart device, be it a phone, a computer or a tablet.

Millions of users view and share videos every day, there are multiple digital platforms that host countless varied content, the most important comes from the company 'Google Inc', with more than 20 years in the market, this has occupied a very important space in the services used by its users.

To create an account on YouTube, you just have to keep in mind that being a 'Google' service, you must have an account on that platform and log in to YouTube, but if you do not have a 'Google' account, go to the top right of the "Google" search bar and "Click" on "Sign in", locate the "Create account », enter your details and follow the instructions, go to the« »page and this is it.

Advantages of the YouTube digital video platform

The creation of subtitles for an online YouTube video is one of the advantages of this social video viewing network. The power of human relationships has crossed all kinds of boundaries, from the creation of the Internet and the platforms found in it. However, the possibility of being seen or located seems to be growing all the time.

Many users want to, by themselves, make themselves known all over the world, make their way to fame and the possibility of earning a lot of money through it. However, fame and success don't come alone, because you have to look for them, and it seems that 'YouTube' is one of the tools to reach them.

Another advantage of this amazing tool is the ability to communicate opinions in each video it contains, its storage capacity is incredible and with a little luck and a few little tricks you can download videos of any kind, you just need to choose the material of your preference.

It offers the possibility to interact with other users, through the opinions they publish, liking many videos and subscribing to the desired channels.

Why is it important to add subtitles to YouTube videos?

There are several important reasons for adding subtitles to each of the videos we upload to our YouTube channel, one of them is that by activating subtitles we are opening the doors of our channel to a whole huge community who might be interested. content that we share, but which, not to speak our own language, passes through our channel. But by offering content with captions, all those people who want to consume our content can connect and thus gain a stronger connection with this part of our community.

Another of the most important reasons why we need to add subtitles to our YouTube videos is that it will be much easier to communicate what we want through our video, when we accompany the content we share with a written explanation, we can definitely get closer to that connection with our followers.

Finally, but also a very important reason is that, if we want to position our channel, one of the best ways to do it is to add subtitles to our videos, remember that the most powerful search engines like Google, track the text and code of our web pages, networks and content we share, so adding a good amount of text via subtitles will give us a better chance of being better positioned in these searches.

With what tools can I add subtitles to videos?

If for these reasons you have the courage to activate subtitles in your YouTube videos, but do not know with what tools you can get it, we can name a few that we have analyzed for you.

Sottotitoli per Youtube

This is a Google Chrome browser extension that will allow you to add subtitles in .str format to your YouTube videos, simply by dragging these subtitles onto the video we are watching and they will appear in sync with video. It also allows you to search for subtitles on the web and also on, remember that only between 10 and 15% of videos hosted on YouTube have a file.rst to be able to see the subtitles in it.

Browser kiwi per Android

Kiwi Browser is a browser for Android that is gaining popularity due to its multiple functions. It is a browser based on Chromium and Webkit but optimized to be one of the lightest browsers available today. One of the coolest features of this browser is that it has features that even Chrome itself does not have, one of them is its ad blocker, with which you can avoid annoying ads and pop-ups from some websites. You can also view YouTube videos in the background and even install extensions which will allow you to expand much more the things you can achieve with this browser. Among them you can enable YouTube subtitles.


If you are a content creator and you edit your videos, the After Effects program is one of the best options for you, as you can edit your videos in this program and then start adding the subtitles you want directly to the video you are editing.

If instead what you want is to get the subtitles of a video that someone else has already uploaded to YouTube, what you should do is download that video, open it with the Adobe After Effects program and upload it to, which is an online tool to get subtitles for projects which are contained in Adobe After Effects, you just need to add your video on its platform, if the video is no more than 10 minutes in length then you can access its features for free.

Once done then you need to choose the language of your video, Happyscribe supports more than 120 languages ​​and dialects, then you have to choose the option that interests you the most between «Automatic» and «Professional», the former offers you an accuracy of 85% while the latter (paid) has an accuracy of 99%. After making your choice, the platform will generate the subtitles in SRT format so that you can apply them later to your project.


Headliner is a powerful online video editor that will help you more than you imagine creating videos, but also getting subtitles for them. Headliner is very easy to use, has an extremely intuitive interface and is also completely free, as if that were not enough, it does something that many other free programs don't do, which is that it doesn't add a watermark to your videos, which is appreciated.

But we sincerely believe that the reason Headliner is on our list is because has the ability to write subtitles of your videos automatically, thanks to the artificial intelligence it works with, so you can customize the look of those subtitles, this feature is something great to save time editing your videos, however, this tool only works at 100% of its capacity with videos in English.

How can I automate YouTube titling?

To activate this function you must log in to your YouTube Studio account, with the email and password you used to register, once inside, look for the configuration option in the menu on the left, then select «Channel», then enter «Advanced settings», there you will see the option »Automatically generated subtitles «And finally deselect the option» Do not show potentially inappropriate words «. With this, whenever you watch a video on YouTube, if subtitles are available, they will be displayed automatically.

Where can I download the Latin Spanish and Castilian subtitles from?

There are many options you can use to download subtitles for your videos, here in the list below we will talk about some of the most popular.


This is a page where you can find subtitles in .srt format for a wide variety of television programs and TV series in different languages, you can choose the chapters of each series you want to see and download the subtitles and then paste your favorite player. This page is made up of a large community of people who contribute through the platform and as such is constantly updated with subtitles for the latest releases of current movies and series.

Movie subtitles

A comprehensive site offering thousands of subtitles for new and classic movies, organized by genre, alphabetically and you can also find the titles you are looking for through its internal quick search. In addition, it has a section for downloading codecs and movie players so that you can have the necessary applications at your fingertips to enjoy your movies in the language you want thanks to the subtitles that this site offers you.


This page is a comprehensive database that has a large number of subtitles to download, organized by date of addition. Once you have located what you want to download, you can choose the desired language and you can even create an account on the platform and make your contributions if you want. Its interface isn't the most striking, but its large database makes it worthy of a position on this list.


One of the best pages to download subtitles for your favorite movies, series and TV shows. To access this platform you need to create an account with an e - email and you will have access to thousands of subtitles available in different languages ​​so that you can enjoy your favorite shows in the language you like best.

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