How to put the security code on Netflix

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You have decided to buy the Netflix subscription, because it is the one that best meets your needs in terms of entertainment due to the content it offers. So long as Netflix is ​​a prepaid subscription service, the subscription of users will be charged automatically. Your account will be charged each month on the date you signed up for the service.

When we have several electronic devices, we want everyone to be able to enjoy Netflix. But in order to do that we have to activate the device and this is done via a code. We will briefly explain how to do this so that you can launch and watch Netflix on the devices you have at hand.

Activate Netflix on an electronic device

Netflix has the feature that you can see all of its content from its website; But you can also use the application for smartphones such as Xiaomi, tablets with Android operating system, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10.

Netflix also offers the option to download it on major gaming consoles, such as PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. And on many newer Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

There is the possibility of being able to play Netflix content on various devices. All this depends on the price we pay; since Netflix has several plans at different prices, in based on the number of devices that we can connect at the same time.

On some devices, you will be prompted to activate the device or link it to your Netflix account to sign in. This situation usually occurs when the devices are new or a recent software update has been implemented.

In this case, the electronic device in which we are trying to activate Netflix will generate a code itself that we will have to write. This code must be written on our website. If you need to delete an unwanted device in your Netflix account, you can do it, we have a step by step tutorial with a practical example.

How to put the Netflix security code on electronic devices

Most people don't tend to have just one electronic device, but rather have several. You have your own phone, tablet, laptop, and even Smart TV and they want everyone to enjoy Netflix content.

The Netflix application may be pre-installed on some electronic devices; in other cases it must be necessary for users to download it to their devices. A security code is required to activate an electronic device on Netflix.

This security code is entered as follows:

  • In your favorite browser, go to the official Netflix page.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Select the profile you want to watch Netflix from on that electronic device.
  • Then you need to write the code in the Enter code field.
  • È necessario left-click on Activate.
  • This way the electronic device is already connected to the Netflix account and you can enjoy the service.

If following the procedure the message Invalid code appears or if the device remains on the activation page, you can try the following:

• Turn off the electronic device.
• Disconnect the power supply to the electronic device.
• Wait 30 seconds.
• Reconnect the device and repeat the activation steps mentioned above.

In a simple way we have shown you what you can do to put the Netflix security code and enjoy the content on various devices. If you're ready to continue watching series on Netflix, find out how to sort the movie list alphabetically.

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