How to put Virtualbox / Virtual Machine in full screen mode

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It is necessary to remember that a hypervisor allows you to view an operating system other than that of a computer without the need to install it and consume that disk space.

Virualbox is one of the best software to create virtual machines. One of the advantages that this program offers you is that it allows you to copy and clone a virtual machine to another PC or connect virtual machines via Wifi.

How to access the full screen mode of Virtualbox?

If you use Virtualbox you will already know that sometimes if you deserve to see what you are doing in full screen mode it is a problem.

The maximize key does not put the program in full screen mode, on the contrary it just expands the interface a bit and removes borders at best, if it doesn't leave you with a white box around the box a little faster.

Use the keyboard

Entering this mode is quite simple, the first thing you should know is what the Host button is, which normally and by default is the Ctrl key on the right side of the keyboard.

Now, the combination to bring Virtualbox to full screen is " Ctrl + F ”This will generate a text box, explaining that the screen will be resized, you just have to do click its " OK " And that's it.

Use the same key combination we mentioned above to exit full screen mode when you finish working in Virtualbox

Virtual machine menu

If you prefer not to use the keyboard, or find it difficult to do so because some of the necessary keys do not work, you can also do so from the Virtual Machine menu.

For this it is necessary to identify the section " Show "In the top menu, click on it to display the menu, now scroll through it and locate the option" Full screen mode ".

Once this is done, you can see a text box explaining that the box belonging to the VirtualBox will be resized, do it click its " OK " And that's it.

To exit this mode, you have to slide the cursor along the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu, on the right side of this there will be a button to exit full screen.

Install guest additions

If you want full screen resolution to automatically activate when you open Virtual box, you need to install Guest Additions.

For this you have to enter the Tools menu of the Virtual Machine, once displayed you have to look for the option " Insert CD image of the << Guest Additions >> ".

This will promptly prompt you for a notification that a CD has been inserted into the drive, usually it will start automatically.

Otherwise, open " File Explorer "And go up" What computer ", Finally you have to double click on" Unità CD VirtualBox Guest Additions ".

Once the installation program has started, you just have to click on " NEXT "Until the option appears" Install “; complete the installation, it will normally ask you to restart Virtualbox.

Once restarted, the resolution will adjust to the available screen size, if not, you just have to do it by dragging the edges.


Some tips when setting Virtualbox full screen mode

If you are a new user of a Virtual Machine, we suggest you install Guest Additions once, in this way you will be able to use the full screen mode of Virtualbox from the moment of your first use.

If you want, change the position of the toolbar during the mode a full screen to make viewing easier and more comfortable.

Finally, we hope that this tutorial clarifies all your doubts and that you like this new configuration that you will have obtained by following these simple steps; We also trust that it is clear enough for you to achieve the goal of this.

You can enable and activate the Aero Glass program which will help and improve the functioning of your Virtual Box. Another tool you could use is to increase the size of the hard drive.

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