How to put your face in another picture with Instagram

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As you already know, one of the functions that this application activates and that is very much liked, to the point of attracting the attention of users of other social networks, are the Instagram stories. They have one duration of 24 hours, only to disappear and be replaced by a new story by the user.

But you have to remember that in previous articles we have taught you that these stories don't go away entirely. And that its contents can be found in historical archives and recovered. But this time we will offer you an option that will allow you to   put your face in another picture with Instagram, in a very simple way you just need to apply the following steps.

How to put your face in another picture with Instagram

By activating this function you will be able to insert your face in another picture with Instagram and insert it into your stories. And here we show you step by step to get it, the first thing you should do is go to the Instagram application. So being there you will go to the top left and select the camera icon.

You will do this so that you can upload a new story to your profile. The next step you will take is to select the photo you are going to post in your story and once this is done. You will go to the top of the tab and select the Stickers icon, this will open a new window.

Now in it you will select the camera icon, when you do that you will realize that the front camera will open immediately. This is the time you should aim directly at your face and take a photo. Once this is done, you can make any changes you want to the image, especially the size.

How to use the function to put your face in the image

But even if you want you can change the frames of the photo, this can be done by pressing on them. And in this way you will have  put your face in another picture with Instagram. This really offers a touch of originality to your stories that you post on the social network Instagram.

This selfie can be yours or that of several people who are with you, the important thing about this feature is that it allows you to take any photo. Where imagination is the limit, once again this social network is adding points so that every day you have more fans in love with its features. And most likely other applications add this option among their features.

Apparently, this will allow more followers to join Instagram, in order to accomplish more art publications. We must remember that this application has other functions that allow you to personalize your images and photos. And now you can create photos where you or your friends can appear in a social or family gathering.

And in this way we have offered you a new feature and we have taught you to use it without any problem. There are more and more options you can have with this social network that continues to grow like foam. And you have learned to put your face in another picture with Instagram.

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