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Not many know this, but since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the operating system has one notification history that collects all notifications received on our device, to avoid missing important notifications that, for some reason, we would have previously discarded, accidentally or intentionally.

Unfortunately, until Android 11 arrives, this feature was a bit hidden and you need to go through a series of steps before you can access the history. Today we explain how you can do it step by step on your mobile, regardless of the Android version you use.

Here's what the revamped notification history looks like in Android 11

Enter the notification history of your Android mobile

As I said, versions prior to Android 11 had the notification history somewhat hidden. In the latest version of the system, that's enough display the notification panel and touch the text «History». We will then be directed to a notification history with a revamped appearance, which shows a list with all notifications received, organized. Until recently, to be able to see a history of notifications it was necessary to use third-party applications.

Therefore, if you have a mobile with a version older than Android 11, the process of accessing the history is not as simple as viewing the notification panel. Even so, it is possible create a link on the home screen, which allows you to access the one-touch notification history. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Long press on any empty space on your mobile home screen.
  2. Tap the "Widgets" section and select "Shortcut settings" to add a widget to access a specific section of the device settings. Drag the widget to the home screen.
  3. In the menu that appears, select the "Notification log" option.

That's all. You will now have it on your home screen a direct access to a history with all the notifications that have arrived on the mobile in the last hours, a which you can access with a tap, where you can see both the content of each notification, as well as the question through which it was received and the time of arrival. While it's not as well-organized and intuitive a story as the native Android 11 one, the truth is that it can save us from more than one problem in certain situations. One of the missing features is the ability to cercare in the history to quickly find specific notifications.

It is necessary to comment that as explained in GadgetHacks, this feature is not available on Samsung mobile phones and to use something similar it is necessary to resort to the Good Lock tool with the NotiStar module.

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