How to read Facebook messages without marking the visa | Tips and tricks to avoid it

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This is a social network that offers many ways to stay connected with family, friends and conduct business. Here we will talk a little about the Facebook messaging, one of the important aspects of Facebook.

How can I know if my message has been received and read?

Le icons will help you to understand what happened to your message, on the right side of the writing you will see an icon, it is a small circle, the blue circle appears when you are sending a message, when the message has been sent successfully you will see the blue circle, but this time with a correct symbol.

When the person has read the message you will see a circle with the person's profile picture, so you will know if yours message was sent and read successfully.

Methods to view messages without checking the visa in Messenger

There are times when we can't reply to a message and we don't want the other person to realize that we have read it. Something you might also be interested in is how to turn off Facebook chat and not appear online in case you receive numerous messages and are unable to reply. But if you want to know as you can see a message without marking the check mark, here I show you some methods that will help you.

With airplane mode

This is the most effective way to read Messenger without getting caught trying, you just have to activate airplane mode, search for the plane on your phone and tap on it, make sure the screen shows the plane or say airplane mode and now if you open the message safely.

In case of using a laptop you can also do it in configuration, just look for the airplane mode and activate it. If you are with a PC you can search for an extension in Chrome that has that function and download it to have it when you don't want to be seen. Now after you log out of Messenger and now if you need to remove airplane mode and continue on Facebook normally.

After receiving the notification

This method is good enough if you have your phone handy when the message arrives. You just have to hold pressed the pop-up notification and see the complete message without being discovered, remember to cancel the quick reply and that's it, the message has already been read without a trace.

From the notification bar

But what a bad thing if we didn't have the phone in hand, in this case you just have to go to the notification bar and slide the bar up there you will see all the notifications, use the quick reply option again and remember to cancel the quick reply after reading it.

If you're using a PC these options won't work for you, so if you don't want to be seen while reading the message, you have to install an extension, once installed you just have to activate the functions you need.

How to hide the visa in my Facebook Messenger account

It seems that Facebook counts all our movements, but the truth is that this sometimes hurts us, because there are times when we don't have time to respond and we don't want to be rude. Fortunately there are ways to hide visa in Facebook Messenger account, let's see how you can do it.

From the web server

For this you can use the Unseen version in the form of extensions, installing this extension is simple and will help you that others don't know that you have read the messages.

The first thing you should do is download and install an Android emulator for your computer, now open the emulator you downloaded and in its search bar type Unseen Messenger and start the search, when you find it, a window will open both from the Play Store or from the app store, you just have to download it and wait for it to install, then look for the options you will use and that's it.

From the mobile app

To hide the visa on Facebook Messenger from your mobile you need an application to help you, Unseen is an application that will help you achieve this, you just have to search and download the application in the Play Store, wait for it to be installed and then configure the options you need and now you can continue reading the messages without anyone knowing.

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