How to reduce Netflix picture quality to consume less

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Responsible use of the internet during these days of home confinement due to the coronavirus is essential. The correct functioning of the networks depends on everyone, and therefore companies like YouTube have decided to reduce the quality of their videos in Europe to help not overload the servers.

The first service to announce such a measure was Netflix, which will reduce the quality of its series and films by one month to reduce the platform's traffic on European networks by about 25%. In addition to this action that the company itself has taken, you can too help keep the network from collapsing while watching content on Netflix. As? Very simple, by reducing the quality of the streaming in your account.

How to reduce image quality on Netflix to consume less

Being confined to the house leads us to significantly increase our Internet consumption: teleworking, watching series on streaming platforms, video calls with the family… Many of the activities we carry out these days, especially those dedicated to entertainment, involve an important use of the network of networks.

For this reason it is essential to do our part to reduce the consumption of resources and thus allow the Internet to continue to function normally. In addition to the reduction in quality that the platform itself has made, you can also reduce the resolution of the content you will see on Netflix to consume less. Step by step, we explain how you can do it.

1º- Apri Netflix, on your computer or mobile phone. If you do it from your computer, as we did for this tutorial, you need to hover your mouse over your profile photo, in the top right corner, and click on the "Account" option in the menu that appears.

If, on the other hand, you want to reduce the quality of the streaming from the Netflix app, you have to click on the «Other» tab, in the lower right corner, and scroll down until you find the «Account» option, which you must select.

2º- The web page will open in your browser where you can configure all the settings of your Netflix account. In this case, the important section is "My Profile", where you can specifically change various settings related to your profile. Within «My profile», the option on which you have to do click è «Playback settings», which will allow you to change the resolution of the content you play.

3º- By selecting «Playback settings», you will enter the menu where you can configure the autoplay controls and the using the data on the screen, the latter is the option that allows you to change the image quality. As you can see, you have 4 options:

  • Automatic (video quality and default data usage)
  • Bassa (basic video quality, up to 0,3GB per hour)
  • Medium (standard video quality, up to 0,7GB per hour)
  • Alta (optimal video quality, up to 3GB per hour for HD, 7GB per hour for Ultra HD)

The recommended option for these days of imprisonment where internet consumption is so high it would be average, a standard video quality like the one that YouTube has set by default for all its videos. Therefore, you also make sure that you don't notice many changes in quality when playing your favorite series and movies.

You also have to take into account the time of day you become attached to Netflix, practice what is called responsible consumption. Institutions recommend reserving streaming videos and downloads for those times when traffic is lower, thus helping the network not to collapse.

In summary, reduce the quality of streaming on Netflix and watch during off-peak hours are two of the actions you can take to help maintain the Internet. Once you've put it into practice, you're ready to catch up on the 8 best Netflix series for a quarantine.

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