How To Remove Memes And Congratulations To Save Space On Your Phone

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You've already eaten the grapes, you've wished all your friends and family a New Year, and most importantly, you've sent and received thousands of pictures, congratulations and memes this year. Thanks to our smartphone and especially to applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, communicating with our contacts is quite fast and easy, even if it involves a serious danger, that the memory of our mobile device is filled with junk without practically noticing it.

While most current smartphones have a decent amount of storage memory, we can't say the same for phones from a couple of years ago. 8 or 16 GB was the standard not so long ago and between the operating system, applications and some saved images and videos, the memory of the mobile phone is occupied “less than a rooster sings”.

Faced with this problem, we have two solutions. Buy us a newer cell phone with better features or a much cheaper one - free -. Download from the Play Store one of the many applications that allow us to clean the memory of our device so easy and above all very fast.

Download Files from Google, the best way to free up space on your phone

One of the best tools for this is Files by Google, a totally free official app from the big G that aims to free up memory on our smartphone. During this Christmas we will have received hundreds of funny pictures and congratulations from our brother-in-law and our friends, so this app is one of the best options to recover the space lost on our terminal.

Files by Google è a 3-in-1 app which does the following:

  • Free up space: Optimize smartphone performance, delete cache and junk files to free up memory space and improve performance.
  • Find files quickly- Search your storage and find what you are looking for without being a file management expert.
  • Share files: Send images, share videos, transfer large files or app APKs with a speed of up to 480 Mbps over a direct and encrypted Wi-Fi network.

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As we said before, the best part is that Files by Google takes up very little space - just 10MB - and it is Free subscription. It is undoubtedly one of the best applications that can be installed during this beginning of the year.

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