How to remove objects or people from your photos on Android

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Surely it has happened to you on some occasion to think that you took the perfect photo, the one you are going to share on all social networks, and then… Well, then it wasn't like that because some object or person appeared in the middle that completely upset your plans.

You may not know, but this common problem has a solution. You don't need advanced knowledge di editing to remove those objects or people that have slipped into your photos. Fortunately, there are several Android apps with which you can delete these items in seconds.

Attention, because we explain how you can remove objects or people from your photos with your Android mobile in seconds.

Delete the people or objects you don't want in a photo easily.

How to remove objects or people from your photos on Android

As we saw earlier in the photography and editing section on Android, there are a few manufacturers that include a specific function to remove objects and people in photos in their native editor. This is the case of Xiaomi, with a tool integrated in its MIUI editor with which you can delete any element that does not interest you from an image.

Don't worry, because even if your mobile is not from this manufacturer, you can remove objects or people from your photos with it. As we said at the beginning, in the Play Store there are several apps of third parts specifically dedicated to this task. Snapseed, Touch Retouch or Phone Retouch are some of them, although we have chose "Remove Unwanted Object" for this tutorial.

It is a very easy application to use, so you just need to basic knowledge to get the most out of it. Next, let's see step by step how to remove objects or people from your photos with "Remove unwanted object". First of all, of course, you have to download the app in your terminal.

  1. Open Delete unwanted items on your mobile e accept permissions in so that the app can access your gallery.
  2. click on «Gallery» and select the image that you want to change.
  3. Once inside the editor, choose one of the three options below to delete the unwanted object or person. In our case we opted for the brush.
  4. Select the area with your finger of the photo where the object or person you want to delete is located, which will appear in red.
  5. Click on «Process», in the lower right corner, to delete the selected item.
  6. If you are satisfied with the final result, click on «Save», in the upper right area. Therefore, you can store the edited image in your gallery or share it via apps like Instagram or WhatsApp.

The results offered by this application are, in our experience, more than correct. If there are any details that don't convince you about the final image, you can use the help of the best photo editors to perfect it.

You've already seen that you don't need professional knowledge to take out the intruders who have sneaked into that photo that you thought was ideal. With the help of «Delete unwanted object» or other apps with the same function, you can solve easily and quickly a more common problem than it seems.

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